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Doctrine CLI not working
Just installed Doctrine with git
So i stored the files in /usr/share/php
Added the environmental variables in .bash_profile
The bin/doctrine script is executing however the problem is it cant find some file
'PHP Warning: require_once(Doctrine/Common/ClassLoader.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/share/php/doctrine/bin/doctrine.php on line 20'

Managing *nix (Email) Server Logs
Hey Everyone,
I have been trying to find a scale-able solution for managing *nix server logs and not just your typical '.log' files either, I'm talking about automatically generated reports from scripts which send emails upon completion. Ideally the solution would easily run on a *nix platform.
Most of these scripts run from cron-jobs or triggered by specific events occurring on the syst

xampp on federal 10
I install xampp 1.7.7 on federal 10 want m I try to
/opt/lampp/lampp start
I get another web server daemon is already running .
my localhost point to th epag under var/www/html
what can i do to point to xampp

iptables rules for web hosting!
Can you give me iptables rules for a web hosting server?
I heard iptables is very important to protect server
I read about iptables. They warn, if wrongly do anything, i will get blocked from ssh.
I don't want to experiment to risk it
Thanks for your help

Give me pointers on choosing a new server
Hi everyone.
Details of my current server: VPS Premium, http://www.verio.com/web-hosting/cpanel-vps/
My site loadtime slows down and reaches limits when between 25 & 36 simultaneous users are online depending on how much browsing each is doing. I use Joomla as my content management system. Before the change to Joomla, the website files and content were 100% static and my daily avera

hide id with mod_rewrite
I have a link like this:
article-title and id are dynamical
How can I show in my address bar only: http://www.website.com/article-title/
not http://www.website.com/article-title/12/
What I must change in htaccess for this.

How to include other classes
I am running a web server for which I place the php files in /var/www folder and they work fine from the browser.
Now, I wish to use SSH2 class that can be found at (http://phpseclib.sourceforge.net/docume ... t_ssh_ssh2). I have placed SSH2.php in the same folder (/var/www) but it doesn't work. I have also copied the file in /usr/share/php (which is the path returned by ini_get('inc

Forbidden You don't have permission to access
I have a php page (dataup.php) which the user can upload a CSV file. When the file is uploaded, a table is created which displays the content of the CSV file. If the file is OK, the contents of the file (listed in the table) can be submitted with form buton, this button calls the same page again to inset the data into a database. The script runs fine on my development pc (windows 7 and WAMP) but

ErrorDocument 404, up one level
I am developing at http://localhost/framework/template/cms/
My 404 error document is at http://localhost/framework/template/
I want to go up one directory in my .htaccess, is there any way to do this? ../ doesn't work.

php permissions !!
Hey all,
I may have posted this in the wrong section at first...
I'm having a bit of a problem trying to set up a custom php script.
Here's what's going on:
I have an upload script that allows registered users to upload files to a temp /upload/ directory.
Upon review from admins the files need to be copied to another folder.
At first I had a problem with open_basedir

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