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Hey guys, I've googled this for a while, but haven't had much luck.
The answer's probably really obvious, BUT...
I've just started a
new job, part of which involves developing with the Interspire
shopping cart, and I've found using grep really handy to search
through the includes directories for function names, and references to
their global variables system. Generally I want to search in httpdocs
and recurse through directories looking only in PHP files, and
sometimes HTML files. The problem is, there's a MASSIVE image
directory (anybody who's ever used the ISC will know what I mean), and
I want the search to completely ignore the images, or the directory.
Here's what I've tried:
hello guys..I dont know whether this is right place to post this
question. I recently installed LAMP on my ubuntu 10.10 (which is fine)
and tried to write a simple php program which writes hello world in
it. Then I placed this file in /var/www and using firefox ran the
code. Here is what it looks like
Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide
]SXBB[id].writeCmd();Syntax: [ Download ] [ Show ]<?php
      $file_name = "home/muze/Example.txt";
  //also tried <span style="font-style:
italic">$file_name = "Example.txt";</span> but
in vain
        $text =
I'm finding difficulty in getting the dates in my bash script . />Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ]Syntax: [ Download ] [ Show
] date=`date +"%d"`  
The above code will
output 08....but i want only 8 not zero !!! how to do it ?
yesterday i was getting it by doing Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide
]Syntax: [ Download ] [ Show ]  date1=$[date*1]  
But now i'm not getting a value from it.....Can any one help me ?
Hi everybody,
I am using Linux server for my website. where at
present my contains only static pages. now i am going to convert it to
dynamic page using php. For that i need a database. As per now i dont
any GUI mode in my server. how to install database in the server and
in GUI too.
Please help in this concept.
I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop for my web server. I have xampp
installed as well and connecting to it via localhost isn't complicated
at all, my trouble is I cannot get it out for the public. I need help
finding the IP address for my Linux VMWare server so I can forward
port 80 to it. Any sugestions on how to obtain this? I don;t know how
to go about finding this on Linux, although I've had no issue at all
doing this via Windows with xampp and wamp.
Something that automatically discovers IP's on a given network/subnet,
similar to nmap. Using this polled data the system should then use
SNMP to gather as much detail of each as possible. Individual service
monitoring would be abonus, if you can do this Windows or SNMP
specifically I am not sure. We have a network of about 500-600
machines (sadly no one knows exactly because the network has grown
organically over 15 years). I ran an nmap to build a list of some of
the nodes, most of which have no friendly name to tell us whose
computer it was, making remote assistance more difficult.
a system where nodes were detected in a polling fashion and organized
into departments. B
Depends what for,
For Hosting CENTOS as its the most stable. />For Desktop purposes Ubuntu
Hello, I am new. I have created a very simple webpage that has
content that changes when a link is clicked. The site works perfectly
on my "localhost". I am running Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.3 on localhost.
When I upload to my GoDaddy shared hosting, ( I believe Apahe 1.3 and
PHP 5.2) my "index.php" displays fine on load. However, when any of
the links are clicked the content area where it is supposed to change
disappears. Here is a sample of the code that I am using:
[ Download ] [ Hide ]SXBB[id].writeCmd();Syntax: [ Download ] [ Show
]// These are the links in the index.php
html code... /><li><a href="index.php?id='home'" id=&quo
I am running Snort 2.9 on a fedora14 with SnortReport-1.3.1 and

logging to MYSQL. I am using the MYSQL, Apache and PHP. Running

SnortReport. I cannot see the pie graph. I don't see the NoData.png
image> too on the right. I have GD loaded as RPM and phpinfo says
support is there. JPGRAPH is installed and configured, but I do not
see the graph.
Where do I look for errors? I've tried using BASE
and ACID too. But graphs
are a problem, they are not getting
displayed. What do I do?
I am wishing to install Magento onto a new server. From the
results I am obtaining, clearly I have something wrong. I would be
grateful if someone could point me in the right direction to resolve
the Issue.
To demostrate the problem; />http://www.thepatchshop.com.au/check.php--This link shows the result
I want.
http://www.farmsforsale.net.au/check.php --This link
shows the result I get.

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