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How to run the rcsshd (SecureShell server) service automatically upon
logging in / boot time ?! And possibly also the MySQL / Apache servers
Thanks in advance.
I've read about almost all KDE editors are able to connect through
ftp. I'm using Kate in Kubuntu, maybe who can tell me how to connect
to remote server (like Notepad++ in Winodws can). ?
I'm relatively new to Linux. I am using it on a dedicated server and
am communicating with it via SSH. I am currently in the process of
doing a server backup, re-image, and restore, since I accidentally
removed Plesk and Horde webmail. The backup is being stored on a
separate backup server. I have a few issues.
I was doing the
backup last night of the directories that I wanted to save with an ftp
pipe command using tar. Code: Select allftp> put "|tar cvf
/boot /root [...]" backup.tar.gz
Everything seemed to
be going smoothly till it ran into a 7GB file, at which point my SSH
connection was eventually severed due to inactivity. This brings me to
my first que
I am using OpenSUSE (latest). I have Apache2 on and I want to run a
ftp server. I have configured Apache2 to allow incoming connections
only from a particular IP which is on my home network (
But it looks like it is more difficult to do this on the ftp server
(pure-ftpd). So I want to ask if it is possible to configure my entire
system to block remote access from ALL ip addresses except the one on
my home network (specified above).
How to do that ?!
Here is the setup:
Machine A:
Windows XP Home edition />Machine B:
OpenSUSE Linux (latest) with Apache web server
(latest) installed.
Cables go from a router to Machine A and
Machine B.
Machine A's ip is
Machine B's ip is
I have configured virtual hosts inside machine B. I
have also edited the linux hosts file. The servers work fine if
accessed from the Linux itself.
My question is how to access the
different Virtual hosts on the Linux machine (B) from the web browsers
at the Windows machine (A). If I type I go to the files
of the first configured virtual host on machine (
i have php file named home.php. if a user enter right id and
password in index.php then he can go home.php. in windows it works. bt
in linux the home.php shows nothing. it just shows a blank page. whats
the problem. help me reagarding this.
i am new linux user. i have a code to make directory like this

$user_name="agile" />mkdir("c:/xampp/htdocs/$dept/$user_name/profile", 0777, true); />chmod("c:/xampp/htdocs/$dept/$user_name/profile", 0777); />?>
it is work in windows. bt in linux it is not working. it
gives error like access denied to mkdir
pls. help me regarding
We have all seen the examples of forcing a 'www'sub-domain, thus
preventing search engines from seeing two copies of a web site
(non-www and www).
Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ]Syntax: [
Download ] [ Show ]  RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}
^test.com$ [NC]
  RewriteRule ^(.*)$
http://www.test.com/$1 [L,R=301]
This works great, with one
exception. I need to apply this rule using a wildcard or optional
suffix so that domains like:
testproducts.com />teststuff.net
Are also included in
that query and force 'www' subdomain, is this possible? />Cheers,
When executed from the terminal, the following command works
'/Applications/IPG/htdocs/ftp/company_name/Charts/gnuPlotCommandFile.gp' />However, when I run it from inside PHP with:
'/Applications/IPG/htdocs/ftp/company_name/Charts/gnuPlotCommandFile.gp'"); />...or:
'/Applications/IPG/htdocs/ftp/company_name/Charts/gnuPlotCommandFile.gp'"); />...nothing seems to happen. How can I correct this?
Note - exec
is enabled on my system, according to the following function: /> function exec_enabled() {
$disabled = explode(', ',
I want to build a program with PHP that can actually reboot my
I mean that I will open a page like
http://www.something.com/reboot.php and this will reboot my server. />I have searched for making that and I have found functions like
system() and shell_exec() that can actually execute something in
shell, but it didn't work for me as I don't have a permission or
something ? I don't know exactly why it didn't work.
by the
I have a complete administration on this server.
any one have an idea that can help me here ?
thanks in advance. :

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