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VirtualizingStackPanel + FlipView recycling problem
by Justin Blanton in Mobile Programming
I am trying to achieve a list of images (much like the Pictures hub) from a zip or rar archive containing jpg files in a WP8 universal app. I've already got a so-so solution using a custom control in a Silverlight app, but I wanted to try the FlipView to get much nicer animations (scrolling, snapping, snap-back). However, I'm seeing a big problem with the virtualization from the VirtualizingStac

Confused on how to code a Task in Viewmodel
by okhomenko in Mobile Programming
I am trying to get a RingToneTask in my Viewmodel. But since, as far as I understand, a portion of the ringtonetask has to be put in the Constructor on the Mainpage.cs, I dont know how to go about coding the task into my viewmodel. View model is below. For testing purposes, I had the debug.writing portion in there. Now what I want to try to do is replace that debug.writing line with a code that

Error: "The Line is too long." in Application Descripter file.
by Icecold in Mobile Programming
When i save Application Descriptor file with more than 14 Midlet-Permissions, then its gives Error: "The Line is too long." on Midlet-Permissions line.
How i handle this issue.

I have recently published one Application for the Nokia X .Where can I see on PC ?
by rpanic in Mobile Programming
I have recently published one Application for the Nokia X .Where can I see n PC i.e any store website like nokia ovi store ?
Does Nokia Android apps has seperate store?

Some questions about Nokia Image SDK
by Thyrius in Mobile Programming
I'm learning to create a image app with Nokia Image SDK.But I meet some questions.I do as on tutorial.I use same code as tutorial.I don't know why it can't debug.
public partial class MainPage : PhoneApplicationPage
private FilterEffect _cartoonEffect = null;
private WriteableBitmap _cartoonImageBitmap = null;
private Writeable

How to simulate camera viewfinder stream in emulator?
by gorcorps in Mobile Programming
Just had the first steps with the Imaging SDK. One question regarding development with emulator:
Is there any way to pass a static image stream to camera viewfinder to test camera related functionalities without deploying to a device?
I did some quick search around the web ad this forum but wasn't able to find solution for this.

My curiosity about Symbian OS
by dcutting in Mobile Programming
why do Nokia discard symbian os? It is a good os. Here in China, many people still like Symbian phone such e52,e71,e72,e63,because we still like phone with keypad(if the screen can become a little bigger,that will be better),it is also a smart phone os, it can run some essential software,. It is reliable and the battery can last much longer,. some of my friends are still looking for nokia phone l

Why ResolveCompleted event is firing when a MapElements is added to map control ?
by Mykola Novik in Mobile Programming
When I added MapPolygons as map element to windows phone map control the "ResolveCompleted" event fires repeatedly and the app crashes.How can I fix it ?

Python 3 for Windows Phone 8 - Access Accelerometer Data
by Rast in Mobile Programming
I downloaded Python 3 for Windows Phone 8 ( [url]http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/python-3/39fc5c60-fe79-4a3f-82b8-cb104d301a77[/url] )
Does anyone how it is possible to access the accelerometers data? A link to the documentation would be awesome!

Published app isn't available in my country!
by john in Mobile Programming
I publish app "Menicka" for Nokia X platform and set availability for all countries & all languages, but when I go to the store [url]http://store.ovi.com/content/523923[/url], it say that this app isn't available in this country... Wtf?

CustomFilter C# NullReferenceException
by VulgarDisplay in Mobile Programming
I searched the forum for a similar post and found this: [url]http://developer.nokia.com/community/discussion/showthread.php/246004-Creating-CustomEffect-in-C-NullReferenceException?highlight=customfilter[/url] but it doesn't help in answering my question. When I call RenderAsync() when using my CustomFilter, a NullReferenceException is thrown, which I need to catch and keep calling Ren

Crop filter with JpegRenderer not working
by php in Mobile Programming
I am trying to do a square (1:1) crop of an image that came from a 16:9 or 4:3 source and use the JpegRenderer to make an image stream for saving to disk. Unfortunately, instead of doing a square crop, JpegRenderer is just squishing the image to fit into a 1:1 space. Can the JpegRenderer handle an aspect ratio change, or do I have to render it to an intermediate object before rendering

Nokia X Wiki Challenge 2014Q1 - Winners announced!
by dante in Mobile Programming
Nokia X was a brand new platform when this Challenge was announced, and people were just diving in to play with it. Despite the newness, all of the Challenge competitors came up with creative and useful articles about how to develop for the Nokia X platform.
The winning articles are listed below. There was a range of useful articles; from how to share development efforts over multiple plat

How to find out the latest (stable) version of jsl.js for HERE Maps API?
by damomurf in Mobile Programming
Hello - I'm am just beginning to learn the HERE Maps API but am not sure how to find the latest version of jsl.js that I must include in my code? I've searched the FAQs, the forums but have not be successful in finding a definitive source.

Slow scrolling list performance
by Gipsy.D in Mobile Programming
Hello asha developers, we have released new app, which is used to be onedrive client. This application is aviable to download free in the nokia store by name "SkyFiles". Here is the link to SkyFiles application
The main view o

There are duplicate files in AppManifest.xml. Remove one of the files & try again
by static AG in Mobile Programming
When Iam trying to Update my wp8 app with new app version in the store at
Iam seeing the error as
There are duplicate files in AppManifest.xml. Remove one of the files & try again
Please fix this issue

How else to write using array of forms
by whatintheworldisthat in Mobile Programming
i got this from nokia developer portal, how else can i write it using array of forms other than having to create too many forms lets say over 80 forms.
show me how to do it using a sample code.
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Command;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.CommandListener;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Display;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Displayable;

How to blend two png images?
by South Korea in Mobile Programming
I'm blending two png images with transparency, the background image is losing transparency after blending it. How to prevent it?
Here is my blend method
[code]public async Task<WriteableBitmap> RenderBorderBitmapAsync()
Windows.Foundation.Size dimensions = await GetImageSizeAsync();
var newWidth = (int)(dimensions.Width * 1.14);
TAGS : blend images

Get error in renderer.renderasync()
by Rick James Astley in Mobile Programming
Hi, i'm just starting with HDR effect in nokia imaging sdk my plan is allow user to select picture from photochoosertask or capture picture from camera and then i will show some slider to adjust HDR effect like gamma, etc.
so far what i have done is
create streamImageSource
[CODE]StreamImageSource imageSource = null;[/CODE]
and then in my photochoosertask complete

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