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I have modified AlbiteReader (decreased the jar size and etc.) for the
Asha 311 and other full touch phones. It has worked fine in the SDK. I
submitted it in the Nokia Store
([URL="http://store.ovi.com/content/526483"]here's the
link[/URL]). The problem is that the store has signed it and now it
can't access the file system in the phone, it doesn't give any errors.
When I run it in the emulater, it shows "certificate not on the
The original app works fine on both the Phone and
the emulater
is the link[/URL] for reference). How to fix this?
Somebody help!
I am trying to achieve a list of images (much like the Pictures hub)
from a zip or rar archive containing jpg files in a WP8 universal app.
I've already got a so-so solution using a custom control in a
Silverlight app, but I wanted to try the FlipView to get much nicer
animations (scrolling, snapping, snap-back). However, I'm seeing a
big problem with the virtualization from the VirtualizingStackPanel
inside the FlipView.
My setup:
The ItemsSource property of
the FlipView is bound to a List of custom class type VirtualizedItem.
My VirtualizedItem contains an ImageSource get accessor that extracts
an image from an archive (rar file) and loads it to a BitmapImage with
I am trying to get a RingToneTask in my Viewmodel. But since, as far
as I understand, a portion of the ringtonetask has to be put in the
Constructor on the Mainpage.cs, I dont know how to go about coding the
task into my viewmodel. View model is below. For testing purposes, I
had the debug.writing portion in there. Now what I want to try to do
is replace that debug.writing line with a code that will save the
ringtone using the soundpath as a source. Right now, as is, the button
used just plays the sound and does not give the option to save as
RingTone. If it would help, I have my solution shared on Onedrive
is someone is willing to take a look.
I went ahead and uploaded
When i save Application Descriptor file with more than 14
Midlet-Permissions, then its gives Error: "The Line is too
long." on Midlet-Permissions line.
How i handle this issue.

I have recently published one Application for the Nokia X .Where
can I see n PC i.e any store website like nokia ovi store ? />Does Nokia Android apps has seperate store?
I'm learning to create a image app with Nokia Image SDK.But I meet
some questions.I do as on tutorial.I use same code as tutorial.I don't
know why it can't debug.
public partial class MainPage :
FilterEffect _cartoonEffect = null;
WriteableBitmap _cartoonImageBitmap = null;
WriteableBitmap _thumbnailImageBitmap = null;
} />Error list display:Member names can't be the same as their enclosing
If I chage member name,the code behind is not recognized.
Just had the first steps with the Imaging SDK. One question
regarding development with emulator:
Is there any way to pass a
static image stream to camera viewfinder to test camera related
functionalities without deploying to a device?
I did some quick
search around the web ad this forum but wasn't able to find solution
for this.
why do Nokia discard symbian os? It is a good os. Here in China, many
people still like Symbian phone such e52,e71,e72,e63,because we still
like phone with keypad(if the screen can become a little bigger,that
will be better),it is also a smart phone os, it can run some essential
software,. It is reliable and the battery can last much longer,. some
of my friends are still looking for nokia phone like e52,n85, even
some of them have andriod phone and iphone(including me). I am very
curious why your company give up developing and producing cellpone
with keypad using Symbian os. At least, you could produce these phone
in a small scale,in some market as supplement just like nokia x and
asha os.
When I added MapPolygons as map element to windows phone map control
the "ResolveCompleted" event fires repeatedly and the app
crashes.How can I fix it ?
I downloaded Python 3 for Windows Phone 8 (
Does anyone how it is possible to access the accelerometers
data? A link to the documentation would be awesome!

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