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I publish app "Menicka" for Nokia X platform and
set availability for all countries & all languages, but when I go
to the store [url]http://store.ovi.com/content/523923[/url], it say
that this app isn't available in this country... Wtf?
I searched the forum for a similar post and found this:
but it doesn't help in answering my question. When I call
RenderAsync() when using my CustomFilter, a NullReferenceException is
thrown, which I need to catch and keep calling RenderAsync() until it
finally works. Any ideas why? My code is really simple:
[CODE] />using (var source = new
using (var
effect = new FilterEffect(new MyCustomFilter(source)))
using (var
renderer = new JpegRenderer(
I am trying to do a square (1:1) crop of an image that
came from a 16:9 or 4:3 source and use the JpegRenderer to make an
image stream for saving to disk. Unfortunately, instead of doing a
square crop, JpegRenderer is just squishing the image to fit into a
1:1 space. Can the JpegRenderer handle an aspect ratio change, or do I
have to render it to an intermediate object before rendering it out to
jpeg? Thank you for any help!
Nokia X was a brand new platform when this Challenge was announced,
and people were just diving in to play with it. Despite the newness,
all of the Challenge competitors came up with creative and useful
articles about how to develop for the Nokia X platform.
winning articles are listed below. There was a range of useful
articles; from how to share development efforts over multiple
platforms, to how to use third-party tools to ease development, to
tricks for developers new to Nokia X. Each of our winners will receive
a brand new Nokia X device. They will be some of the first people in
their countries to own this device!
But aside from our winners,
there were
Hello - I'm am just beginning to learn the HERE Maps API but am not
sure how to find the latest version of jsl.js that I must include in
my code? I've searched the FAQs, the forums but have not be
successful in finding a definitive source.
Hello asha developers, we have released new app, which is used to be
onedrive client. This application is aviable to download free in the
nokia store by name "SkyFiles". Here is the link to SkyFiles
application />[URL="http://store.ovi.com/content/507769?clickSource=search&pos=3"]http://store.ovi.com/content/507769?clickSource=search&pos=3[/URL] />The main view of the application includes list containing custom
ListItems. We have issue with slow performance of scrolling of this
list. When user tries to scroll, items don't move smoothly. Even after
all objects of each item in the list are loaded into memory with all
parameters setted (icon thumbn
When Iam trying to Update my wp8 app with new app version in the
store at />[url]https://dev.windowsphone.com/en-us/AppSubmission[/url]
seeing the error as
There are duplicate files in AppManifest.xml.
Remove one of the files & try again
Please fix this issue
i got this from nokia developer portal, how else can i write it using
array of forms other than having to create too many forms lets say
over 80 forms.
show me how to do it using a sample code. />import javax.microedition.lcdui.Command;
public class NavigationMIDlet
extends MIDlet implements CommandListener {
private Form
private Form secondScreen;
I'm blending two png images with transparency, the background image is
losing transparency after blending it. How to prevent it?
Here is
my blend method
[code]public async Task<WriteableBitmap>

Windows.Foundation.Size dimensions = await GetImageSizeAsync();

var newWidth = (int)(dimensions.Width * 1.14);

var newHeight = (int)(dimensions.Height * 1.14);

WriteableBitmap bitmap = new WriteableBitmap((int)dimensions.Width,
WriteableBitmap bitmapborder
= new WriteableBitmap(newWidth, newHeight);
Hi, i'm just starting with HDR effect in nokia imaging sdk my plan is
allow user to select picture from photochoosertask or capture picture
from camera and then i will show some slider to adjust HDR effect like
gamma, etc.
so far what i have done is
[CODE]StreamImageSource imageSource =
and then in my photochoosertask complete />[CODE]private void chooserTask_Completed(object sender, PhotoResult
if (e.TaskResult ==
BitmapImage bi
= new BitmapImage();


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