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I was trying to install Imaging SDK from Nuget to a PCL in VIsual
Studio 2013
I get this error, but I don't know what it means.
What framework is it referring to?
Install failed. Rolling
Could not install package 'NokiaImagingSDK 1.2.115'. You
are trying to install this package into a project that targets
'portable-net45+win+wpa81+wp80', but the package does not contain any
assembly references or content files that are compatible with that
framework. For more information, contact the package author.
What I need is simple. I want to re size the original image and change
the color of whole image to a solid color(white).
Then blending
the above obtained image with the original image so that a neat border
is displayed around the image. I want to implement above method in
custom filter effect but don't know how to do it.
This is how I
re size the image.
[QUOTE] public async void
resize(IImageProvider source)

Windows.Foundation.Size dimensions = (await
var newWidth =
(int)(dimensions.Width + 16);
var newHeight =
(int)(dimensions.Height + 16);
I am using lwuit 1.5 and i want to do something like this in given
video [video]http://videobam.com/yJPOV[/video]
How to do this so
that i can show a new form via transitions by touch gestures(new form
in and old form moving out)?
I want to make call to multiple contacts one by one on S40(SDK
2.0)/Asha platform.
As i know on [B]Nokia Asha sdk 1.1[/B] and
onwards platform it can be done using [B]com.nokia.mid.voip[/B]
but i am afraid of[B]Nokia Asha sdk 1.0[/B] and S40(SDK 2.0)
platform. Is it possible on these plaform? if yes?then how? />Thanks,
Hi! I have a little question. How I can change the app logo in the top
of app? Thank you! :)
As a part of the Devices and Services acquisition by
Microsoft, our Store Publishing support addresses have changed a bit,
here is how:
[i]developer.support@nokia.com[/i] -->
[B]nokia.store.publisher@microsoft.com[/B] />[I]copyright.notices@nokia.com[/I] -->
I have a 520, 620, and 820. Do any of these support Bluetooth LE
(.4.0)? My 520 has Windows 8.1 for it and it can find non-LE
Bluetooth devices, but it can't see my Bluetooth LE device while my
Surface 2 can (so I know the LE device is discoverable). How do I get
Bluetooth LE on at least one of my phones?
When I have tried to test my apk with Test Compatability
I found this warning:
One Incompatability
[B]+[/B] Platform
Warnings in manifest />Incompatibility
Alternative :
App is debug signed Sign
the app with publishing key
How to fix this issue I
have checked this apk i.e app on Nokia X RDA and it is getting
stopped in moddle saying"App has stopped"
while testing
on the RDA or device or during release
what should be given in
the manifest
I am trying to display long string text in StringItem(LCDUI) with
newline. But i didn't get success.
Actually there is a variable
with Long String in [B]message_en-US.properties[/B] file. When i am
going to display it give me following result.
[B]Input:[/B] />HOW TO? -Once the Application is downloaded and installed
,following are the steps that appear for Registration Process:Step
One (LOGIN Screen) -If you already have an App account />[B]Actual Result:[/B]
HOW TO?[B][/B] -Once the Application is
downloaded and installed ,following are the steps that appear for
Registration Process:[B][/B]Step One (LOGIN Screen)[B][/B] -If
Any ideas as how the various gestures on a Web browser control can be
disabled. Way given here :
only works on WP7 and not WP8.
Plus i do not have access to the
html/css of the web page in which i can edit its properties.

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