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My aim is: after user click on an url, it'll download all images and
show the first image and user can pan left, right to view others
image. It's seem that control MultiScaleImage is the best control that
I can use but I can't find any good example about this. All example is
load only 1 image or load image from output.xml, but they didn't
provide format for that file. I'm trying to parse a collection to
source but I can't get it work
[CODE]XAML: <MultiScaleImage
ImageFile myImage =
new ImageFile();
List<ImageFile> lst = new
msi.Source = lst;[/CODE]
show: Cannot implicitl
I need to make a software that will use a cell phone to
make a call. The call will be initiated from a PC, and conversation
has to be recorded to the PC as well.
Is there any API,
framework, SDK or whatever that helps doing such things?
Is there
any nokia phone that would be more suitable then others? Currently my
client uses Asha 300, and they record manually in the phone. />Another option would be to just tell the phone to record, and
download the file after call.. Anything that has conversation in the
PC after the call is a solution for me.
BTW: maybe
there is a better place to ask this question. In such case, please
direct me
I request who ever is in charge of DVLUP rewards to please level the
playing field by giving Lumia devices for same points to everyone. It
will encourage us (at least me:D ) to develop for Lumia.

[B]Further details [/B]: US developers get Lumia 520 for 1,300 points.
Others don't have the option. They get a Asha for 2000 odd points. the
nearest Lumia requires 11,300 points.
I am developing a video chat app on windows phone, I got this
sample on how to use the "Windows H264" codec for video
[url]http://developer.nokia.com/community/wiki/Getting_started_with_the_Camera_APIs_for_native_code[/url] />The sample works fine for me, I could get h264 data from
OnSampleAvailable callback, but since for a video chat app it is
really important to control bit rate in different network scenario, my
issue is how to set up bit rate in such condition, the video stream I
got was always vbr but , does any one know how to control bit rate in
such condition?
Hi everyone, this post is about the discussion regarding the Mobile
Payment (M-Payment) by using Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile
phone in Malaysia and is it illegal on the Personal Data Protection
I had found a lot of news about using the NFC mobile phone
to conduct their payment on every transaction in foreign country. Its
very easy by just tapping their NFC mobile phone on the detector and
the transaction can be done after insert the password.
also have this technology. It was implement between Maxis, Maybank,
Nokia program which called "Fast Tap" and etc. However, it
seems like fail in Malaysia and I wonder why? As proven in USA,
I want when i press send i should be able to go to a form that had
been currently displayed with a textfield "To:".
instead when i press send i get the last form "fifty" with
a textfield "To:" and yet it isn't the one currently
Help me on how to do this.
check in the comment
//line for displaying current form to be displayed with along
with"To:" when send is pressed.
StringItem s0; />private StringItem item;

private void initfirst() { />

first=new Form("sms (1/50)");

item=new StringItem("","This is message 1.");
I am working on sdk 1.1 and implementing API for push notification.

[B]On Emulator :[/B]My code is working fine on emulator and it
is generating me notification id. I am able to send notification id
to remote server. I even tested my code on emulator through Nokia
Developer Console and i am able to send notifications on emulator(that
is in sandbox environment).
[B]On Device :[/B]Problem i am
facing is when i install same jar on asha 502 device and run my app ,
remote server is not receiving notification id and i am getting
different notification id in this case.
I am using following code

public void infoReceived(NotificationInfo info)
Hey All,
This has been ready for a couple of months now but I
haven't posted it to the general public yet.
Since I liked
Lucian initiative with the WP Rate my app library that he put together
with so many localization
I decided to pitch in and provide a
Rate my app library to Nokia Asha/Seires 40 as well
so here it
[url]https://github.com/Future-Soft/Rate-My-App-Asha/[/url] />I added the complete list of translation that WP version currently
support and duplicated the functionality as much as possible ( there
is a small issue that email: connection isn't available on some phones
and I have yet found a way to test for it programmatically a
I found in the publishing page two bugs.
When I just lost
Internet connection, I drop image as screenshot and there is appear
loading..., but this remained even after reconnection and then, drop
another image to box is impossible. So i had to reload page and i had
to fulfill forms again because of this and it was annoying...
there's next problem. In app name cannot be diacritics, which is not
good. Why it must be without diacritics like in DOS age?
I want to save PNG, GIF etc in the Saved Pictures directory on the
phone. When I use MediaLibrary save method it automatically converts
it to JPEG format. Internet Explorer and Nokia Cinemagraph are able to
save GIF and PNG images on the phone. What are those apps using to
save an image? nothing in the windows phone sdk can help me and 3rd
party stuff only deals with local storage ( from all the ones I have
found). Any Suggestions?

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