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Unable to restore postgresql data dump for Django app hosted on Azure VM
Network & Servers

I am trying to restore a postgres data dump for a Django app of mine. The data dump was extracted from Heroku, and pg_restore is being run on an Azure VM with Linux on it. There are around 40 tables and the total size doesn't exceed 2GB. I've tried two approaches; both have failed. Can an expert point out what might be the problem here? Note that the postgres data dump is calle

How use setEnv with another Env?
Network & Servers

My question is how can I use setEnv with an allready DEF Env.

For example:


export SSL_ROOT_DIR=/etc/letsencrypt/live
export DEFAULT_HOME_DIR=/var/www/html


SetEnv SERVERNAME domain.tld

Nginx + php-fpm configuration issue: "Primary script unknown"
Network & Servers

I have vagrant box where is running the nginx + apache-fpm. But seems like they doesn't work. When I'm trying to get / on my server I'm receiving 404 HTTP-status with "File not found." body. Error logs shows:

2015/12/25 15:34:00 [error] 9594#0: *9 FastCGI sent in stderr: "Primary script unknown" while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: l

Godaddy : linking domain name to IP address
Network & Servers

I just bought a domain name for my web site from GoDaddy.

the content of the site is available at a public IP address.

how do I link my domain name to the IP address ?

how do I make it so that when someone types in my domain name, the content of the web server is displayed ?


How do I know if an openVPN tunnel is established?
Network & Servers

How do you know if a Site to site VPN tunnel is established in OpenVPN? Apart from pinging the other side, is there a command or something that shows the status of the tunnel?

I am using centos on both ends. Very new to this! Thanks

Unable to install .net 3.5 on Windows server 2012
Network & Servers

I am trying to install .Net 3.5 on Windows Server 2012 and it constantly keeps failing. I am using "Add or Remove Features" and my Internet is already there. I've read that if alternate source couldn't be found, the installer tries to download online and installs it from there. However, it's not working. This is the screenshot that I keep seeing:

How do I go about upgrading existing Azure VM with Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2012 R2?

Network & Servers

Specifically for Azure VM. What is the recommended way to upgrade from Server 2012 VM to Server 2012 R2 on the same VM?

I prefer not to have to create a new 2012 R2 VM and really rather upgrade my existing Server 2012 as I have installed different software on it and configurations.

This question was also asked last year per Postfix sends as hostname.domain.com instead of domain.com

Network & Servers

I've been trying to set up a debian mail server running postfix, but when I try to send mail via mail example@outlook.com the recipient sees the sender as hostname.domain.com. The hostname it sends does not have an A or MX record set up to it, it is just the /etc/hostname. I can manually set the sender to admin@mydomain.com if I send by logging in via telnet localhost 25

Is there a way to setup alerts for a failed DFS topology connection?
Network & Servers

I have a large DFS structure setup between multiple remote sites and multiple hub servers in a full mesh topology. Each remote site has its own namespace or namespaces and replication group. I have an automated PowerShell script that collects the Envrionment Health Report of all DFS servers on the network and alert me to backlogs in replication.

I noticed this morning that one particula

How to configure dhclient on CentOS to get IP from a specific DHCP server
Network & Servers

I have a situation where I am able to launch CentOS 6.6 images on a subnet such that the VM instances get their IP addresses from the virtual gateway of the subnet. Now this gateway has gone wonky and I don't have the access to fix it, so I have set up my own DHCP server on this subnet.

So now there are 2 DHCP servers on this subnet and my VMs are getting random IP addresses, sometimes

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