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Wiping Server RAID Hard disks (SAS and SATA) for decomissioning
Network & Servers

We are in a process of decomissioning a handfull of Fujitsu Primergy Servers. Before of course, we want to make sure that the hard disks are completely wiped out. But it seems there is no way to format hard disks one by one as the RAID array controller is not detected by utilites such as DBAN. I have already deleted and recreated RAID. My question is, is that enough?

Some points to not

exim: different password for remote smtp relay smarthost
Network & Servers

Currently I have my exim configuration set to send all e-mails using an external SMTP server. All users authenticate with my exim server with a local password and then the messages sent is relayed through a smarthost to a remote SMTP server, which uses a different login compared to the one used directly by the users connected to my exim server (running cPanel). Here's the current configuration:

Proxmox LXC-guest: Cannot open /proc/stat: Transport endpoint is not connected
Network & Servers

since a few seconds I can not use htop or top in my LXC-containers:

Cannot open /proc/stat: Transport endpoint is not connected

Same problem on reloading php5-fpm

Dez 18 13:40:31 systemd[1]: Failed to create cgroup
/lxc/103/system.slice/systemd-random-seed.service: Transport endpoint is
not connected

Dez 18 13:40:31 systemd[1]: Faile

How to get Exchange 2013's Junk Email filter to honor the SCL set in a transport rule?
Network & Servers

I'm having an external spam filter scan our messages for SPAM. However, if the message is borderline SPAM, I'd love for it to be dropped into the user's "Junk Email" folder in Outlook/OWA.

I've setup the Antispam agents in Exchange 2013, but disabled most of the components. I do however, have the org-wide SCLJunkTheshold set to 4. I have a transport rule that is setting these borderl

Setting up an intermediate CA cert using DCM on IBM i [on hold]
Network & Servers

I've setup SSL for a site of mine and while everything functions as expected on desktop, I've noticed on some mobile devices the site generates a "CA not trusted" error. On multiple SSL verification utilities on the web, my configuration is reported as correct. I'm trying to get SSL functioning correctly on these select mobile devices.

I've spoken with my CA (Comodo) and they sugges

What's the difference between Get-AzureRmVM and Get-AzureVM
Network & Servers

I'm trying to set up a Load Balancer on Azure. I'm following this doc. At the end, you basically have to attach your virtual network adapter to a running VM. The docs refer to using Get-AzureRmVM

Unable to access IP addresses within my own country. pfSense showing packets hit WAN
Network & Servers

I have a pfSense firewall that has a WAN with multiple public IP addresses. I use NAT to port forward certain external IPs to internal IPs.

I can connect from anywhere except same country. When anyone within my country tries to connect to any external IP address and port, they are unsuccessful. I've captured packets on the WAN interface and I see them coming in.

I've double chec

process 8705 command line error
Network & Servers

enter image description

Would anyone happen to know how to resolve a proc/8705/cmdline error?

I'm not even sure what that is but it's stopping my httpd client from running. uses an invalid security certificate
Network & Servers

I have bought a wild-card certificate for *.helloworld.com in "Godaddy" and had tried to use it in "" that is in digital ocean which has my apache installed, ssl configured based on the above certificate.

On trying to run the "", i received the following error:

"" uses an invalid security certific

Significance of md5sum file in debian package source
Network & Servers

I have one debian package source with md5sum file inside DEBIAN directory

|   |-- control
|   |-- md5sums
  1. Now my question is when this file will be used?
  2. Will it be useful for integrity check of each file inside debian package before installing debian package?
  3. On machine when I install this debian package with manually modifie

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