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AWS SQS + SNS + Lambda
Network & Servers

I was wondering if I can send a message to SQS queue and subscribe an SNS topic to it to trigger a lambda for sending an email.

SQS -> SNS -> (Lambda) -> SES

I know SNS messages can be sent to SQS but I'm curious if the other way around is possible

Why Tomcat is setting two JSESSIONID cookies
Network & Servers

I have a tomcat 7 instance which was installed and configured by other person.

I can see that it sets two JSESSIONID cookies for each request.

  • One like

    JSESSIONID = {some hash}.{hostname_ajp port}
  • Another one like

    JSESSIONID.some_chars = {other hash}

Expected behavior to have JSESSI

Dividing ISP access for all computers in LAN
Network & Servers

My family had bought an old internet cafe with 18 computers connected to four(4) internet service provider (ISP) 3 routers and 1 modem, one 16 port desktop switch and 8 port ethernet switch to create an lan for games.

It was already configured by a tech before that cannot be contacted now but my brother had reseted all the routers and modem to factory default because he wanted to access

Ethernet over GRE bridging - Proxmox
Network & Servers

I'm trying to install two proxmox on Online.net server's, and I just realized that their RPN feature doesn't work at all like the OVH vRacks. Since I need the different VM's on both hypervisors to be able to talk, I want to set up a tunnel (their NAT solution seems ugly and unpractical).

I tried adding this to the /etc/network/interfaces on both (inverting the local and remote on the ot

CentOS 7.2.1511, kickstart and user creation
Network & Servers

I've run into issue with kickstart and user creation. From long-long time ago I had in my kickstart these lines to create user:

user --name=a --gecos="A" --uid=500 --groups=wheel
--password="..." --iscrypted
user --name=b --gecos="B" --uid=501 --groups=wheel --password="..."

It worked fine on CentOS 6, but when I tried to use it with CentOS 7.2, I'v

Is there a way to make Outlook skip the first attempt to autodiscover?
Network & Servers

Outlook's autodiscover process, which is great, first tries to send a POST request to ourdomain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml but ourdomain.com is actually our website - we use office365 as our exchange server. Normally, this would only result in a bunch of 404 errors that we could gladly ignore. Unfortunately, our web platform is configured to redirect 404 errors

Alienvault OSSIM: What does "reliability" actually mean?
Network & Servers

I know the "risk" calculation, but I don't understand what the variables in the calculation mean

The risk calculation is ((asset * priority * reliability)/25)

I don't quite understand what the individual variables in this equation are supposed to be, though, and they don't appear to be documented or explained in any detail.

For example, what is "rel

Mongo DB Will not start after binding to localhost
Network & Servers

I tried to bind mongo to localhost with the following command

mongod --bind_ip 

and I now can not start the mogodb service getting

00:00:17 bin/mongod --dbpath /usr/lib/unifi/data/db --port 27117
--logappend --logpath logs/mongod.log --nohttpinterface --bind_ip

Any idea on how I can reset it back to it's pr

Cannot renew DHCPV6 lease in SLES12
Network & Servers

I need to renew the lease of a certain sles12 box. The machine is configured to use ipv6 only and so far I have tried the following:

From here:

dhclient6 -r -v eth0 && rm /var/lib/dhcp6/dhclient* ;
dhclient6 -v eth0

Other attempts:

Forward from Apache to nginx listening on different port
Network & Servers

I have both Apache and nginx installed and running on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server at Digital Ocean. Apache is listening on port 80 and nginx on port 8080. Thus, the following http requests work:


with the first site served up by Apache and the second served by nginx. I would prefer the sites to be responsive to something like

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