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zune can't connect to my htc trophy /> 
recently i have this problem. zune is unable to
detect and connect to my htc trophy. i download and install zune again
but its not working. the driver version is 4.8.2345.0 and i have not
been able to update further. i'm using win 7. can anyone help?
zombies, run!
Anyone else been playing
this? It's not cheap but you can always trial it first. />Personally has made my runs so much more interesting!
YouTube videos in wp8?
Am considering to
get a wp8 device as alternative to iOS but I've got some misgivings
about windows phone. From my experience with wp7 YouTube videos will
not play properly. The sound will be out of sync, the video will be
choppy and low quality. I tried out wp8 devices in Nokia stores and
found that its still the case even with this metro tube app and I am
surprised nobody gave a mention anywhere about this. So I want to ask
if there's some settings that improve youtube quality?
Also is
the battery life ok? My previous lumia 710 have atrocious battery life
on standby.
Youtube problems on Win 8
Bought a new Acer
touchscreen laptop and was enjoying Youtube serials with the good
streaming. After installing win 8.1, one day I found my Youtube videos
hard to load. The first 5-10secs of the Youtube video is always blank
and the webpage hangs. after a while I can hear the song but no image.
then after a while again, the image appears in swift sequence! will
take a bit of time before both song and image is synchronised. This
doesn't happen all the time but at least once a day. Anyone has any
idea what could be happening?
Another note. Whenever I on the
computer, after a while... a message will pop up to ask
Is your People's Hub / Facebook App able to pull feeds? /> 
Some Windows Phone not able to access facebook -
Anyone having trouble refreshing your people's hub /
facebook app?
XP and Win 7 Dual Boot. How to upgrade Win 7 only to Win 8? /> 
Currently dual booting Windows XP and Windows 7.
How do I upgrade only my Windows 7 (keeping the programs and files) to
Windows 8, so after upgrading will be dual booting Windows XP and
Windows 8?
Xiaomi Mi3 RAW CAMERA vs Nokia 1020
Hi />Randomly came across this article, about this PRC cell phone company
.. apparently they just launched a new flagship phone with looks like
Nokia Lumia !!!
but what really caught my eyes were that,
apparently the camera is from SONY is able to shoot in RAW ! />http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/05/x...china-android/
The Mi3
also gets a 13 megapixel main camera which is surprisingly made by
Sony as per Xiaomi. The camera can supposedly capture images in RAW!

Just curious if anyone know the answers to the below
1) Is Sony / Xiaomi th
XBOX Music doesn't have streaming options? /> 
Seems this is restricted only in US/EU? There's
nothing there when I launched it other than browse my personal music
library. Already updated via the Store.
Xbox live account
Is it ok to log onto xbox
live account on an "evaluation" copy of win8.1?
Any one
tried? :(
Xbox Gamer Tag
Looking for people to add...
Add me: GEN CBU
List your Xbox gamer tags for other
people to add too !
If you playing Knight Game, add me too
Xbox GamerTags:
3. Merchanter1
4. Zulhardy
5. xtrememanix />6. xcyrus2001
7. MAngeloMCV
8. joelchanz
10. EmeraldKnight91

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