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wts brand new condition nokia wireless charger /> 
Sold to nice man
Thanks for the support
Wrong Photo Thumbnail
Pls help ... />When a new photo is copy/paste into a photos folder, the Explorer
pane shows this new photo with the thumbnail of an existing photo in
the folder. This wrong thumbnail is always the first photo in the
alphabetical order, although the name is correct.
Pls tell me how
to avoid this in Windows 7 ... thanks.
WP users unite to push for Tapatalk for HWZ /> 
I'm not sure how many of you are using Board
Express for browsing other forums, but if you do, please voice your
desire on the link below for HWZ to install the tapatalk plugin. />For those that do not know what Tapatalk is, it is a forums browsing
app. It is the easiest, and fastest way in my opinion to reply to
posts, browse the forums, reply to PMs, and much more forums related
tasks. Much much faster than using the mobile website. />http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/on...m-2902983.html
WP has overtaken iOS in Italy - Mamma Mia! /> 
Mamma Mia!
WP 16% of market share vs iOS 11%
Kantar: Windows Phone Shows Strong Growth, Nears Double
Digit Market Share In Europe | WMPoweruser
WP Growth
Whilst Asia figures would be more
relevant here's some info on market share in Europe.
WP 8 Microsoft Youtube Apps
YouTube |
Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (Singapore) />http://cdn.marketplaceimages.windows...rge&rotation=0
the world of YouTube to your Windows Phone! Log into your YouTube
account, explore YouTube
WP 8.1 features found in developer preview /> 
New Windows Phone 8.1 Features found in Developer
Pre View Leaks.
1.VPN support confirmed.
2.You can choose
your own default messaging app.
3.SkyDrive renamed to
4.Back button does not terminate the app. Instead, it
will suspend them just like in Windows 8/RT.
5.There is a new
app model called Universal App which will contain templates to build
Windows RT and Windows Phone apps.
6.Apps can be installed on SD
card and developers can prevent users from doing it for their apps. /> 7.New Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps replacing Music+Videos ap
which wp8 use normal size sim card?
current or upcoming phones still using normal sim card? :s11:
omnia w battery dying already.... :(
wp8 port to samsung galaxy note
O read news
that Samsung will be releasing a wp8 galaxy note device. />Currently own a note. Will it be possible to port wp8 to the android
galaxy note??
wp7 is not dead yet
18 Months of Support /> Your Windows Phone 7 handset may be getting a minor update, but the
good news is your next Windows Phone comes with a guarantee of at
least 18 months of support from Microsoft. That means going forward,
Windows Phone 8 handsets will get over-the-air updates directly from
Microsoft for a year and a half. That's not so bad considering the
average carrier contract is 24 months, so you'll only have to survive
6 months with an outdated phone.

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