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WP7.8 / WP8 (Apollo) at BUILD 2012
Microsoft has just announced BUILD 2012 from Oct 30 - Nov 2 2012. />It's later than I expected so MS has clearly moved to align with
Apple's way of showing Dev features first, then consumer features just
before launching new phones.
So seems like we can expect new
phone launches in November with near immediate availability to harvest
the pent-up pressure. (Another Apple trademark launch tactic). />This is done probably not to steal the thunder from the Oct 26
launch of Windows 8 & maybe the MS Surface tablet. It'll also
align the launch of Server 2012, SQL Server 2012 &
WP7.5 Refresh (Tango update)
OK guys. Tango
Update is being rolled out globally. From what I've read, Samsung
Focus, HTC Titan II on AT&T, Nokia 710 & 800 on Singtel
handsets are all getting Tango update (progressively). It's not a big
update despite the large build number. Not much enhancement all around
except for Lumia 710 & 800 devices getting Internet Sharing
function + some blah blah. No news on whether the camera is
Lumia users can check here for M1/StarHub/Generic
Apparently the unplug hack no longer works so don't
bother trying. If you REALLY want Tango RIGHT NOW, follow the below
Worth getting Surface RT now? (edu price) /> 
Considering that there will be a successor to it
soon.. Is it still worth to get it now? And is it user friendly? how
useful is it in everyday + school/work usage?
MS's having an
educational offer so if I buy the tablet alone it'll be about half of
retail price?
Any advice guys? I have experience with WP8 if it
helps :) Thanks in advance!
Wong email address for Microsoft 8 a/c
key in the wrong email address for Microsoft 8 a/c, anyway that I can
change it? Secondly, how to delete second user? Millions Thanks in
WLAN Extensibility Module has failed to start /> 
Hi, over the past few days ive been googling about
this and reformatting my pc for about 2-3 times already. Even tried a
last resort to download the .dll and replace it but to no avail this
causes my computer to hang randomly...
Under Event Viewer />WLAN Extensibility Module has failed to start.
Module Path:
Error Code: 126
After copying
the .dll file
WLAN Extensibility Module has failed to start. />Module Path: C:Windowssystem32Rtlihvs.dll
Error Code: 193 />This is
wireless network icon freezes only in the beginning /> 
i have no idea where ask about this so... i think
it's a software issue. relatively new to posting on forums so.. i have
no idea where do i post this to. hopefully im right. if not please
direct me to the correct page.
it only happened very recently
since about 2-3 days ago.
my wireless network in always freezes/
slow moving green circle loading.
i have come to notice that my
other startup applications such as steam, asus wifi go only shows up
after the freezing has clear.im still able to run firefox and browse
the web(internet is still there) and skype is the only sta
Win XP Home to Win 8 Pro
Hi Everyone, />Is it possible to upgrade from Win XP Home to Win 8 Pro by buying
those Win 8 Upgrade from courts at $89?
Anyone done that? />Thanks.
Windows Vista OEM (64bit) Upgrade to Windows 8 /> 
What are the options?
Can I upgrade it or need
to buy the full retail box?
Window Store Comparison
Tried both IOS and
currently in the Galaxy android family. Tempted to switch to window
phone. Need some advices
Is all mainstream apps available on
windows? like banking and telecom apps.
I am not too concern
about specs rather than then the smooth UI IOS offers so is there any
reason for a switch from the android family ?
This is my take on
App Store:
Great amount of apps and games
Quality Apps
Alot of apps
Quality of apps not
as good as ios
Window Store ??
Windows Store not working!
I recently
purchased a Asus UX32vd and realised that the windows store can't
download and run any apps at all. Initially i thought that it might be
a problem with Microsoft, but all was fine with my other Lenovo
I have tried to reset the cache, updated Windows
software but to no avail. Can anyone help me resolve this issue here?
Thanks a lot!

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