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FME Events Manager | Magento Events Calendar Extension
19/11/2015 10:49 pm by maryjohnson in PHP
magento events manager

FME Events Manager is a useful Magento extension, which allows you to create & promote multiple events and sell event tickets online. You can display events in a custom block on home page, product, category

[Module] PrestaShop SEO Friendly URLs by FMEModules
18/11/2015 6:28 am by crtosdel in PHP
FME offers PrestaShop seo friendly URLs extension that automatically remove ids from home, product, category, manufacturer and suppliers pages.

Area of Function:
By default PrestaShop contains ids and numbers in URLs which are not good according to search engine guideline and they must have to remove to make URLs simple and user friendly.

Adding custom fields in invoice emails in Magento 1.6?
17/11/2015 7:58 am by pacemag in PHP
I have added text fields to one step checkout page in Magento, now how can I display the custom fields in invoice emails?

Magento GeoIP Redirect Store Extension by FME
17/11/2015 7:46 am by maryjohnson in PHP
magento geoip store switcher

Magento GeoIP Default Store is a great tool for improving the conversion rate, if you sell in more than one country. You can create multiple store views for specific regions or countries with di

Dating Script and Software Solutions..
27/12/2014 3:55 pm by julias4 in PHP
Create your own dating site is fast and easy with our dating script. Our PHP dating script is the best open source dating script that comes with full source codes, free dating templates, free setup and installation and lifetime support. If you are looking for white label dating platform, turn-key dating

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23/12/2014 12:38 pm by ravijay502 in PHP
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Please help me with the code for the following question
22/12/2014 9:55 am by Superman in PHP
Write PHP Code for printing the difference between the number of days from Date of Birth to the current date such that it should accept the Date of birth in Date field and Current date should be Printed from the system current date. EXAMPLE::Dateofbirth:25-02-20

Zune Site help
by Disco_TechnoStu in PHP

Not sure if this is the right place for this but you all know that microsoft has just came out with the ZUNE to compete with apples IPOD. i have the domain names that are below and dont know what todo with them. does anyone want to do something with me with them. i dont know maybe a forum or somthing. i have my own server online. the names i have are



TAGS : Zune Site help

ZippyShare embedded player generator
by walkur in PHP

I have a blog,where I post a lot of songs,and I'd love if somebody could help me implement some sort of script in my blog.

Is it possible,that whenever I want to post a zippyshare link,the script automatically converts it into a embedded media player?

This is some source code I got from another site,I don't know if it is helpful or not.

As far as I can tell,it's the generat

zip or rar a folder to download
by orson in PHP


I have a folder with full of files. Instead of downloading files one by one, how can I zip or rar that folder to download?

Thanks in advance

TAGS : folder download

zip file upload !
by Douglas Stockwell in PHP


Can anybody guide me to solve this proble. I have to upload the zip file to the webserver. The php script should read the name of the zipfile and print it and also it should read the name of the text files that are zipped and the contents in the text file.

Also is there anyway to zip the files and make it available for downlaod using the php

Thanks in advance.

TAGS : file upload

Zip files and PHP
by taviso in PHP

I was wondering if it was possible to upload say a picture file and a text file and in the script put them into a zip file programatically.

if this is possible could you offer some tips or links please?


Thank you it looks like ill be reading for a while.
thanks again ,regards

This tells you everything you need to know about zipping with PHP.

TAGS : files

zipcodes packages
by Morbo in PHP

can anybody point me in the right diction where i can download packages with U.S.A. zip codes for every city and towns to every state and also includes the latitude and longitude of each town and city

Zip Codes -
by Rob Archer in PHP

I've been working with a script that allows users to look up other users in their area based on their zip code. I attempted the script myself but the whole lat/long thing was a bit much for me to understand, so I settled for one that I found on the net. The problem that I'm having is that the query results are loaded into an array such as $zips = $z->get_zips_in_range("".$my_zip."", ""

TAGS : Codes

Zip code locator issues
by Xander in PHP

I am writing a script that locates stores in a 20 mile radius of a given zip code. That part works fine. I am adding the functionality to also choose a product that those stores carry and display only the stores in a 20 mile radius that sell that product.

Each product column in the database has numerous products in it separated by a ';'. I thought I could use the explode function to cre

Zip and download in PHP
by Steven Weber in PHP


I have a folder with full of doc files. Instead of downloading the files one by one, is there any way of zip(rar)-ing them and download in one go with PHP?


TAGS : download

Zero in PHP form fields
by Joshua Johnson in PHP

Hello, I'm just starting to use PHP after years of working with ASP, so pardon me if this sounds like a very basic question, but how do I get PHP to acknowledge zero (0) in a form field. Whenever the user enters "zero" and hits submit on the PHP form, it totally ignores the zero.

I am inserting the value into a MYSQL database and I initially thought I was setting my field type wrong, bu

TAGS : Zero form fields

Zend wamp virtul host problem
by Matthiasa in PHP

I need to setup a virtual host for my zend aplication
I managed to link all my zend framework with php and windows I am using wamp 2.2d and I am having a problem with the virtual host

NameVirtualHost<VirtualHost> ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost DocumentRoot "c:/wamp/www" ServerName localhost ServerAlias localhost ErrorLog

Zend view displaying multiple times
by Remyx in PHP

hi guys, im not that new to the zend framework. i just started a new project with zend framework 1.12 and cant figure out why the framework would display output 3 time?
so for example in the index.phtml view script, whether i put hello, or <?= 'hello';?> i always get output: hellohellohello.

always 3times unless i put an exit right after the output, then it would only output o

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