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I have a folder with full of files. Instead of
downloading files one by one, how can I zip or rar that folder to

Thanks in advance


Can anybody guide me to solve this proble. I have to
upload the zip file to the webserver. The php script should read the
name of the zipfile and print it and also it should read the name of
the text files that are zipped and the contents in the text file.

Also is there anyway to zip the files and make it available for
downlaod using the php

Thanks in advance.

I was wondering if it was possible to upload say a picture file and
a text file and in the script put them into a zip file

if this is possible could you offer some tips
or links please?


Thank you it looks like ill be
reading for a while.
thanks again ,regards

tells you everything you need to know about zipping with PHP.


Here is an upload tutorial you may find


have to create a file specific to the user, then add the two files,
and finally send it to zip.

Good luck!

ok so to do
a zip file th

can anybody point me in the right diction where i can download
packages with U.S.A. zip codes for every city and towns to every state
and also includes the latitude and longitude of each town and city

I've been working with a script that allows users to look up other
users in their area based on their zip code. I attempted the script
myself but the whole lat/long thing was a bit much for me to
understand, so I settled for one that I found on the net. The problem
that I'm having is that the query results are loaded into an array
such as $zips = $z->get_zips_in_range("".$my_zip."",
"".$distance."", _ZIPS_SORT_BY_DISTANCE_ASC, true);
and use a
foreach loop to iterate through the resutls, ex. foreach ($zips
as $key => $value) {}
with $key being the zip code and
$value being the distance. This works just fine and displays the
expected results when echoed, but

I am writing a script that locates stores in a 20 mile radius of a
given zip code. That part works fine. I am adding the functionality to
also choose a product that those stores carry and display only the
stores in a 20 mile radius that sell that product.

Each product
column in the database has numerous products in it separated by a ';'.
I thought I could use the explode function to create an array, but now
i am stumped on how to take the array that explode created and add it
to the function that finds if the store is within 20 miles of the zip

I have tried every operator i could think of (i.e.
&&||, &&, ||, and, or) but nothing works.



I have a folder with full of doc files. Instead of
downloading the files one by one, is there any way of zip(rar)-ing
them and download in one go with PHP?


Hello, I'm just starting to use PHP after years of working with
ASP, so pardon me if this sounds like a very basic question, but how
do I get PHP to acknowledge zero (0) in a form field. Whenever the
user enters "zero" and hits submit on the PHP form, it totally ignores
the zero.

I am inserting the value into a MYSQL database and I
initially thought I was setting my field type wrong, but running the
SQL command with zero through PHPAdmin inserts the zero without any
problem. I then echo'ed the formfield and found that it wasn't
posting the zero at all--

echo $_POST[$stepnow]; yeilds
echo "$_POST[$stepnow]"; yeilds nothing

I've also
tried all the c

I need to setup a virtual host for my zend aplication />I managed to link all my zend framework with php and windows I am
using wamp 2.2d and I am having a problem with the virtual host

ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost DocumentRoot "c:/wamp/www"
ServerName localhost ServerAlias localhost ErrorLog
"C:/wamp/logs/apache_error.log" CustomLog "C:/wamp/logs/access.log"
ServerAdmin admin@zendy.localhost DocumentRoot
"C:/workspace/zendy/public" ServerName zendy ServerAlias zendy
ErrorLog "C:/workspace/zen

hi guys, im not that new to the zend framework. i just started a
new project with zend framework 1.12 and cant figure out why the
framework would display output 3 time?
so for example in the
index.phtml view script, whether i put hello, or <?= 'hello';?>
i always get output: hellohellohello.

always 3times unless i
put an exit right after the output, then it would only output once. />this is completely unsual and does not make any sense to me what so
please let me know if anyone of you have any ideas. />thanks...

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