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ZEND tutorial for beginners

I want to dig deep into PHP and OOP so I have been told that Zend is a very popular framework so I want to learn . Can you give me some (not many) resources for learning the beginning Zend and step by step go deep into it ?

Zend Server CE Error

I have be given a site to manage that was developed with ZF. When I try to run it using the Zend Server I get the following errors:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Exception' with message 'Security check: Illegal character in filename' in C:Program FilesendendServershareendFrameworklibraryendLoader.php:303 Stack trace: #0 C:Program FilesendendServershareendFrameworklibrarye

Zend reference websites and interview questions

Hi Team,

I have 2.6 years of exp in PHP tech(complete exp on core php,mysql,javascript)... 8 months back i resigned my job due to marriage.. now i am trying to get job on PHP...but now without any CMS/ZEND there is no calls for core php. so.. i m trying to learn ZEND myself @ home... please refer me some website abt zend.. and also send me ZEND Interview ques..it will be a grt help to me

Zend question !! $ !!

Does anyone have an opinion on Zend. My company does a lot of php web development and would like an independent review of its worth. We work with Joomla as a CMS, so this would be our primary use (writing extensions), although we also do some home grown lampp applications.



Zend PHP Studio vs Exclipse?

What are the differences between Zend PHP Studio and Eclipse for PHP Developers? Why pay for Zend Studio when Eclipse is free?

Zend PHP Slowness !

I have been working on a PHP site and it is really slow. It takes over 9 seconds to load and moving servers it is still just as slow. I have taken over programming it from a company who coded it in the Zend Framework using Doctorine and PHPTal. Killing the site after the action function it takes about 3 seconds, but if you let it go through and load the PHPTal template it takes over 9 seconds.<

Zend PHP Certification !!

This is from nyphp-talk:

[nyphp-talk] Zend PHP Certification
Daniel Kushner kushner at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 20:08:33 EDT 2004

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Zend PHP Certification !

Any one know what i have to studying the zend php 5 test? i have the study guide book for the zend php 5 certification, but i read it all and think it is not that useful. Is there any where have the practice test or tell me what i should study? Thank you

Zend PHP 5.3 Certification - Exam Information

I am have pass Zend PHP 5.3 Certification ,i will list what should you care for about this test (just advise !!!!!!!!!!!!)

but i think if you follow it,i think it will be better for you pass Zend PHP 5.3 Certification.

HTTP Headers
Object Oriented Programming (Reflection,Late Static Binding,SPL)
Security(Cross-Site Scripting)

Zend MySQL query

Hi. I have a mysql field with a record like: [2,5,11].
I have a query like:

$query = $this->select() ->from($this->_name) ->where('id = ?', $id);

This query work if record is of integer type: 5.
Is it possible to create a query to find 5 in the array? Please advise. Thanks.

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