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Hi everyone!
I'm trying to manage images uploads using my own
class which renames the uploaded file prepending a random string:

'/../public/uploads'));class Lib_Form_Element_File extends
Zend_Form_Element_File{ public function init() {
if($this->isUploaded()) {
$this->setDestination(UPLOAD_PATH); $realname =
$this->getFileName(null, false); do {
$filename = UPLOAD_PATH . '/' . md5(time()) . '_' . $realname;
} while(is_file($filename));
$this->addFilter('Rename', $filename); } }}

With it I can add

First of all hello :).
Spend two days trying to integrateAurigma
the Expressversion
In PHP. I am using Zend Framework

managed to make the think to be `visible` but it fails to do what
`upload.php` should do .
Note : This is in the Controller

function onFileUploaded($uploadedFile) { $absGalleryPath =
realpath($this->_path) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR;
$originalFileName = $uploadedFile->getSourceName(); $files =
$uploadedFile->getConvertedFiles(); // Save source file
$sourceFile = $files[0]; /* @var $sourceFile ConvertedFile */
if ($sourceFile) { $sourceFile->moveTo($absGalleryPath .

hi, i have the wamp server installed on my pc and now i just
downloaded the latest version of the zend frame work and need learn to
use the zend framework. Does anybody know what steps i need to take to
get the zend framework going?

I am Core PHP Developer and very keen to learn ZF2. But, I did not
get any good site or tutorials on the web. Can anybody help or help
the same ?

there is no file zf.bat in zend frame work2 like in the previous
version ............ please any one can tell how to install it easy
way and in windows

Hi all. I am a beginner in Zend and I am wondering if there is any
good book or tutorial for developing applications with Zend Framework,
using json for data encoding and decoding and how to use jquery with
Zend. Thanks.

Hi, I am a beginner for the zend framework. I have viewed the
screencast from the zend site and followed them. The summary of the
screencasts are:

application controllers
IndexController.php models views
scripts index
index.phtmllibrary Zendpublic .htaccess

The codes are following:


'on');//modify include path to include path to
libraryini_set('include_path', ini_get('include_path') .

I'm going to be creating two fairly large application and have been
researching some PHP Frameworks to make it manageable for me and a
small team.

I've been checking out the Zend engine and think
it's pretty good, and was wondering if anyone uses it, or if there are
any other frameworks that are worth looking into?

hi all,

i have one default module and one more module
module_1 ,i have one parameter extra in url for langauge like
site.com/module/languageparameter/controller/action i defiend it in
index.php(bootstarp file) like this

$router = new
Zend_Controller_Router_Rewrite(); />$router->addRoute('new_route', new
Zend_Controller_Router_Route( />':module/:lang/:controller/:action/*',
array('module' =>
'lang' => '',
'controller' => 'index', />'action' => 'index'

now when i move form
some page to another in default module only than in place of module />it integrates default for eg:


I have a signup form that is working fine. Here it is a
text element for providing the email address:

$email = new
->setValue('') ->setAttribs(array('id'
=> 'email', 'class' => 'required email'))
->addValidators(array( 'NotEmpty',
'EmailAddress', array('Db_NoRecordExists',
true, array('user', 'email_address')) ));

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