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How to Use Toule for Party Decorations
by rodvand in Parties & Entertaining
Tulle isn't just for tutus! This versatile fabric can add a touch of glamour to your holiday or party decor. Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, or an anniversary, incorporating tulle into your decorations will give your festivities a little something special. Use it in your table settings, home decor, place cards, or outdoor adornments. Here are some of the many ways you can use

How to Throw a Surprise Congratulations Party
by phokus in Parties & Entertaining
Whether it's to welcome a new baby or to celebrate an engagement or another occasion for congratulations, throwing a surprise party can be a fun way to share an exciting event. Hosting a surprise congratulations party may require some additional work, though, since you and all of the guests have to keep the details secret from the guests of honor the entire time you're planning it.Difficulty:Moder

Scorched Stainless Steel Grill Cleaning
by jeffrey in Parties & Entertaining
For some grilling enthusiasts, there's nothing as attractive as the smooth, clean look of a stainless steel grill. Beyond just looks, a grill made of stainless steel offers more even heating and easier cleanup, and will last decades longer than cheaper alternatives. Stainless steel does offer a few unique challenges when cleaning off scorches and burns. Basic CleaningFor regular care and mainte

How to Prepare a Retirement Banquet Agenda
by itsmegb in Parties & Entertaining
Learning how to prepare a retirement banquet agenda lets you create a highly effective alternative to an invitation. It is a useful document for posting in workplace hallways and also venue display cases. This offers as many potential guests as possible the opportunity to attend the festivities and know what to expect. Seasoned retirement banquet planners also prepare a second but private organize

How to Word a 25th Wedding Anniversary Invitation
by Ernie in Parties & Entertaining
Celebrating 25 years of marriage is typically a momentous occasion for a couple, their family, and their friends. Special occasions typically warrant specially worded invitations. How you choose to word a 25th wedding anniversary invitation is up to you. There are no hard-and-fast rules or etiquette on how the invitation must read. Nonetheless, there are some quick and easy steps you can follow to

How to Arrange a Banquet
by Peter Z in Parties & Entertaining
Banquets present an enjoyable way to celebrate many different types of occasions. Use one to congratulate a new couple, honor individuals receiving awards, commemorate special events or recognize a holiday. Both small and large, banquets bring people together and make events special. However, even small banquets require a good deal of consideration and can cause a moderate degree of stress. Formul
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How to Tie a Balloon on a Fishing Line
by kpkp in Parties & Entertaining
Balloon decorations make any event colorful and lively. Most professional balloon decor is usually constructed with balloons attached to a fishing line. Whether simple or complex, the key to doing this how you tie a balloon to a fishing line. It takes only a few simple steps and some practice.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Pull the end of the fishing line off the spool. Tie a loop into

How to Design Hatbox-Shaped Invitations
by youtube-api in Parties & Entertaining
A hatbox-shaped invitation is a clever way to invite guests to an afternoon tea, Victorian-themed party, Red Hat Society event or any other sophisticated gathering. A few simple steps can help you design your own customized invitation for whatever type of get-together you are planning.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Round shape or stencil

DIY Seal 'N Send Invitations
by sirjoekcb in Parties & Entertaining
Seal-and-send invitations are an affordable alternative to traditional card and envelope wedding invitations. This all-in-one style invitation is also considered a more environmentally friendly option since all of the information is printed on one folded piece of paper with a perforated RSVP card, thus eliminating the need for multiple enclosures. Although the style is more casual than other invit

How to Decorate a Disney Pixar Cars Cake
by dmxlite in Parties & Entertaining
"Cars" is a popular Disney movie released in 2006 that follows the life of rookie sports car Lightning McQueen and the friends he meets along the way. Not only is this movie exceptionally popular, it is also a very popular birthday theme. If your child is requesting a "Cars" cake for his birthday, don't worry. Decorating a "Cars" cake is simple. Consult a picture and you'll have a cake with his fa

DIY Light Dance Floor
by Rob M in Parties & Entertaining
You can easily light a dance floor in inventive ways, without spending the extra money on expensive lighting setups. The most important thing to keep in mind when coming up with your own lighting for a dance floor is the repetition of lights, which can almost flicker and move with the music. Lower lighting also creates a better mood on the dance floor. Homemade Disco BallsBy buying small styrof
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How to Block Hotel Rooms
by Edo in Parties & Entertaining
Blocking hotel rooms is very important if you are planning any large event that a lot of people are traveling to. Some of the reasons why you may block a group of hotel rooms would be anniversaries, weddings and even reunions. This is something that can be done in advance to give your guests plenty of time to plan for the occasion. Most hotels are very flexible when it comes to blocking a set o
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How to Create a Science Party Invitation
by wpoch in Parties & Entertaining
Get your guests excited about a science-theme birthday party before they arrive with some clever invitations. The "mad scientist" invitees will enjoy opening and decoding the hidden information regarding the event. This type of science experiment invitation is best suited for kids who are a little older.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
White cardstock or plain

How to Decorate Baby Shower Cupcakes
by Vytautas in Parties & Entertaining
Cakes are nice, but cupcakes are such a fun way to celebrate any occasion. They look so adorable when decorated according to a theme and displayed creatively on a platter or cupcake stand. They can be simple or as elaborate as you please. Cupcakes have the perfect amount of icing in every bite, unlike some cakes. So whether the mom-to-be is expecting a baby boy or girl, have some fun decorating th

Blacklight Effects
by Stuka in Parties & Entertaining
Blacklight, more accurately Ultraviolet (UV) lighting, effects are created by exposing UV sensitive materials to a narrow band or spectrum of invisible light waves. The materials glow or fluoresce when struck by the specific light waves. Some materials (such as paint pigments) are invisible until exposed to the UV spectrum. UV Lighting SourcesA wide variety of UV fixtures (or instruments as the

How to Mix Different Types of Alcohol
by kevotheclone in Parties & Entertaining
Mixing different types of alcohol is usually not recommended by bartenders because it may cause you to become intoxicated more quickly and get you into trouble. Mixing wine with liquor or beer is not common in the United States. However, mixing beer with liquor is a popular drinking tradition in Ireland, most commonly celebrated by some Americans on St. Patrick's Day. Although unpleasant for some,

What to Cook for a Baby Shower
by Riparian in Parties & Entertaining
Baby showers are fun events meant to honor the mother-to-be. Planning the perfect shower requires some prep work in menu planning. Here are a few ideas on what to cook for a baby shower. FunctionThe food at a baby shower should carry on the theme of the party and help feed the guests. Baby carrots and other bite-sized foods can be a fun addition to any menu.
TypesA menu can be planned to ser
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How to Make a Pirate Cannon for a Party
by Steve Downing in Parties & Entertaining
A great décor item for any type of pirate theme is a cannon. For a child's party, the kids may enjoy pretending with the cannon, while with adult parties it may simply be a prop. Standing guests decked out in their pirate costumes next to the pirate cannon can also be a great scene setter for photographs. It may be difficult or expensive to buy a party cannon prop, but with some supplies and

How to Make a Cake to Look Like a Pekingese Dog
by Bunny loves data in Parties & Entertaining
An animal-themed cake is always a winner at a child's birthday party, and a cake decorated as a Pekingese dog is a great idea. With simple shapes and basic frosting techniques, you can easily make a cake that looks like a Pekingese's face. No special baking or artistic skills are necessary to create a cake your kids will love!Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Two round flat ca

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