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"Cars" is a popular Disney movie released in 2006 that follows the
life of rookie sports car Lightning McQueen and the friends he meets
along the way. Not only is this movie exceptionally popular, it is
also a very popular birthday theme. If your child is requesting a
"Cars" cake for his birthday, don't worry. Decorating a "Cars" cake is
simple. Consult a picture and you'll have a cake with his favorite
"Cars" character in no time.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things
You'll Need
Picture of "Cars"
Serrated knife
Food coloring
Black gel icing
Blue gel icing
class="error">Find a printable picture of a character fro
You can easily light a dance floor in inventive ways, without spending
the extra money on expensive lighting setups. The most important thing
to keep in mind when coming up with your own lighting for a dance
floor is the repetition of lights, which can almost flicker and move
with the music. Lower lighting also creates a better mood on the dance
floor. Homemade Disco BallsBy buying small styrofoam balls and
small plastic or glass pieces of mirror, homemade disco balls can be
made and hung from the ceiling in front of light fixtures. This may be
a bit painstaking initially, as each piece will have to be glued and
secured to these styrofoam balls. Once they are all connected, press
the arch
Blocking hotel rooms is very important if you are planning any large
event that a lot of people are traveling to. Some of the reasons why
you may block a group of hotel rooms would be anniversaries, weddings
and even reunions. This is something that can be done in advance to
give your guests plenty of time to plan for the occasion. Most hotels
are very flexible when it comes to blocking a set of
rooms.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Directory of hotels near event

Decide how
many people are going to be traveling to your event. You will want to
have a rough idea of how many people are going to be needing a hotel
room before you make a

Get your guests excited about a science-theme birthday party before
they arrive with some clever invitations. The "mad scientist" invitees
will enjoy opening and decoding the hidden information regarding the
event. This type of science experiment invitation is best suited for
kids who are a little older.Difficulty:Moderately
ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
White cardstock or
plain, white printer paper
White crayon
Black pen or
computer with printer
Colored marker
Plastic test tubes with
Labels (optional)
Padded envelope mailer or clear plastic

Cut the white cardstock or plain, white paper
to a size that can be r

Cakes are nice, but cupcakes are such a fun way to celebrate any
occasion. They look so adorable when decorated according to a theme
and displayed creatively on a platter or cupcake stand. They can be
simple or as elaborate as you please. Cupcakes have the perfect amount
of icing in every bite, unlike some cakes. So whether the mom-to-be is
expecting a baby boy or girl, have some fun decorating the cupcakes
for her shower..Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll
Cupcakes any flavor
Icing flavor of your
Knife or spreader
Food coloring
Fondant (optional for some designs)
Pre made
decorations (optional)


Blacklight, more accurately Ultraviolet (UV) lighting, effects are
created by exposing UV sensitive materials to a narrow band or
spectrum of invisible light waves. The materials glow or fluoresce
when struck by the specific light waves. Some materials (such as paint
pigments) are invisible until exposed to the UV spectrum. UV
Lighting SourcesA wide variety of UV fixtures (or instruments as they
are called in theater) are available for sale and rent. You are
probably most familiar with the blacklight tubes and bulbs found in
general retail stores. These are available at Home Depot and other
lighting stores and often, during Halloween, at department stores.
However, these are not industria
Mixing different types of alcohol is usually not recommended by
bartenders because it may cause you to become intoxicated more quickly
and get you into trouble. Mixing wine with liquor or beer is not
common in the United States. However, mixing beer with liquor is a
popular drinking tradition in Ireland, most commonly celebrated by
some Americans on St. Patrick's Day. Although unpleasant for some, you
may find the following recipes tasty and enjoyable to share with your
friends at home, if consumed responsibly and in
moderation.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
chilled pint glass
vanilla vodka of choice
Irish whiskey
Baby showers are fun events meant to honor the mother-to-be. Planning
the perfect shower requires some prep work in menu planning. Here are
a few ideas on what to cook for a baby shower. FunctionThe food at
a baby shower should carry on the theme of the party and help feed the
guests. Baby carrots and other bite-sized foods can be a fun addition
to any menu.
TypesA menu can be planned to serve a full meal or
serve as appetizers. The menu is based more on the timing of the baby
shower. If the shower is during lunchtime hours, a full meal should be
planned. Other times only require appetizers.
budget for the baby shower should directly affect the menu. If a large
A great décor item for any type of pirate theme is a cannon. For
a child's party, the kids may enjoy pretending with the cannon, while
with adult parties it may simply be a prop. Standing guests decked out
in their pirate costumes next to the pirate cannon can also be a great
scene setter for photographs. It may be difficult or expensive to buy
a party cannon prop, but with some supplies and tools you can make a
pirate cannon for a party.Difficulty:Moderately
ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
4 feet of 4-inch PVC
2 feet of 1-inch copper pipe
Drywall screws
Electrical tape (several
Black spray paint
Sand paper
An animal-themed cake is always a winner at a child's birthday party,
and a cake decorated as a Pekingese dog is a great idea. With simple
shapes and basic frosting techniques, you can easily make a cake that
looks like a Pekingese's face. No special baking or artistic skills
are necessary to create a cake your kids will
love!Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Two round
flat cakes
Two mint patties
Tan frosting
Dark brown
Black licorice and a third, smaller mint patty

Bake the two cakes and cut one in half.
Lay the two halves on either side of the uncut cake in such a
position that they look like drooping ears on eit

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