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Casino parties can be thrown for events ranging from birthdays to
anniversaries to simple social get-togethers of friends and family.
Although the gambling is free, the enjoyment of playing is the same as
in a real casino. Hosting a casino party isn't difficult; it just
requires hiring some people to help run the games and gathering food,
decorations and a few other items that will ensure guests have a good
time.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Casino tables
Casino chips
Table setups (tablecloths,
silverware, napkins, plates)
casino chips
Custom playing cards
Easter is a holiday that almost every kid can celebrate when it
involves colored eggs and springtime themes. Avoid religious Easter
games in the classroom if it is a public school. These games are
intended for kids ages 5 to 9. Because Easter is always celebrated on
a Sunday, these games should be played on the last school day before
Easter break. Egg HuntsIf you have a big enough classroom, plan an
Easter egg hunt with plastic eggs filled with prizes. Avoid using
colored, hard-boiled eggs for this activity because you might not
remember where you hid all of them and could end up finding insects in
a back corner. If you have time, ask students to decorate small paper
bags with stickers or
"Cars" is not only an extremely popular Disney movie, but also a
popular birthday theme for children. Of course, to go along with this
theme, "Cars" cakes are also greatly in demand. It is easy to make a
"Cars" themed cake: simply make a cake in the shape of a car and
decorate it to look like a character from the
movie.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
9-by-12-inch sheet cake
White icing
Orange and red food coloring
Black gel
Blue gel icing

Bake a sheet cake
according to recipe instructions. Allow the cake to cool, then place a
cake plate over the top and turn the pan

There are hundreds of reasons to pull pranks, but the oldest and best
reason for a prank is because they are funny. Sleepovers, by
definition, are good times to get in a few pranks. After all, you have
a victim and a built-in audience. You may want to pull a couple of
different pranks on a few different people, just because it is only
fair to share the wealth of embarrassment. Make sure you keep a camera
handy to record the fun and possibly "blackmail" a person or two
Every woman who has received a baby or bridal shower invitation has,
at one time or another, had to decline the invitation. This can be a
touchy situation, especially if the honoree is a close friend or
relative. It is best to be honest and polite. It is also best to
actually respond to the hostess to decline the invitation. Simply not
showing up is rude and can be hurtful.Difficulty:EasyInstructions
Read the invitation. Many shower invitations have instructions on how
the hostess would like to be contacted. Most provide a phone number or
an e-mail address.
Set aside a few minutes to decide how you want
to phrase your regret at not being able to attend the shower. A
simple, "I'm sorry,
Baby showers are a memorable way to celebrate an upcoming birth and
help the expecting parents obtain some of the necessary supplies. When
preparing for a shower, it is essential to create a favor for the
guests to thank them for coming. A plastic spoon favor works well as
not only a charming table decoration but also a memorable gift for
guests to take home and use in their morning
coffee.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Blue and pink spoons
White chocolate
Themed sugar
decoration or sprinkles
Cellophane wrap

Read and follow the directions
on the white chocolate to properly melt and prepare it for

Having individual place cards for your guests is a great way to make
each person feel special, whether your cards simply have the guest's
name, or you include graphics and colors that fit the occasion. />You can use place cards for many different events, from birthday
parties to weddings to business functions. Printing place cards
yourself is relatively easy and can be done on your home printer. Use
a color printer for the most attractive effect.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Things You'll
Microsoft Office Publisher
Pencil (optional)
Ruler (optional)
class="error">Design the cards. Look for websites, such as L
A rave party is a type of dance party, which has emphasis on lights,
loud music and neon glowing items. Ravers dress in bright, exciting
rave wear, and raves typically last well into the night. There are
several strategies that you can follow for setting up rave party
lights, and there are three main types of directions for lighting your
rave party successfully. Main LightUse a source of main light for
the room where your rave is going to take place. This should not be an
overhead light or typical lamps. It should be low light, should be
colored and should be unusual. Suggestions include using red, blue or
green holiday string lights to outline the walls near the ceiling and
floor of the
With the popularity of Transformers on the rise, now is a great time
to have a birthday party themed around the popular films and comic
books. It is certainly possible to locate an array of commercially
designed invitations for the party. Homemade invitations, however, are
simple to prepare and will create a memorable way to invite guests to
join the party. With a few supplies and a little planning, your
Transformer invitations will be ready to delight guests and get them
ready for a fun party.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions
Things You'll Need
Transformer images and clip art/stickers
stock in selected colors
Craft paper
(preferably scrap
If you need a gift for a 60th wedding anniversary, consider planning
the ceremony as your present. Married couples often find themselves
planning their own anniversary ceremony because no one helps. Throwing
a wedding anniversary ceremony is time consuming. You should begin
planning at least two to three months in advance. A 60th wedding
anniversary is precious because it is a milestone that shows how
powerful the love of two has become over the
years.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
class="error">Decide on your budget for the ceremony. When deciding on
your budget amount, you will need to know

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