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How to Make a Diaper Cake with Smooth Icing Sides
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A diaper cake is made up of rolled diapers and other baby care items assembled to look like a tiered cake. Cakes made of diapers are popular because they are show pieces and are helpful to the expectant mother, who can use every part of the cake. Use ribbons and other decorative tools to make a diaper cake with smooth sides that looks like a real cake.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Thi

How to Make a Diaper Cake With a Pizza Tray
Parties & Entertaining
Before buying a diaper cake, consider making your own diaper cake with a pizza tray. Diaper cakes are becoming popular at baby showers. In essence, you create a three-tier cake out of diapers and decorate it with supplies that the mother will need for the baby. A round pizza tray works well for the base of the cake because they are inexpensive, and they do not look cheap. If you are hosting the pa

How to Make Diaper Candy Cups for a Baby Shower
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If you are looking for creative, low-cost baby shower favor ideas, look no further. Diaper candy cups are an easy favor idea that your mommy-to-be and her guests will adore. Diaper cup favors are made using dinner napkins and diaper pins to look like old-fashioned baby diapers. Fill these sweet little favors with nuts or candy and you will have original and affordable diaper-themed favors that wer

How to Arrange Furniture in a Living Room With a Door on Every Wall
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The living room is a place of comfort, relaxation and entertainment. Often called a family room, the space is best designed for functionality. People should be able to move around and sit in a way that allows them to clearly view the main attraction, which is usually a television. It is unusual to have a living room that has doors on each wall, but if you have this situation, you must be a little

How to Embarrass Someone Who Is Rude
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Some people just find the need to be very rude and crude when talking to people. They have zero class or courtesy. Maybe you asked he/she to coffee or out to dinner and instead of a polite "no thank you" they deliver a mean slam. This article will tell you how to deliver the perfect comeback to embarrass that rude person. Being embarrassed is the best form of public humiliation.Diffi

How to Make Pirate Crafts
Parties & Entertaining
If you're hosting a pirate-themed birthday party for your child, let the guests create crafts to play with during the festivities and to keep as a memento after the event is over. Use inexpensive craft supplies, materials from the dollar store and items you have on hand to come up with activities to stimulate guests' imaginations and sense of creativity. The clever ideas will keep the little bucca

How to Make Patriotic Party Favors
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Make patriotic favors for your guests attending a Fourth of July or other patriotic party. Red, white and blue candles--whether you opt to simply give them a votive in each color or to make a multicolor candle--will be an appreciated gift for your guests. Most people like to burn candles, they make nice decorations and best of all they are easy to make. Even younger children can help you make the

How to Set Up Flatware for a Buffet Dinner Party
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A carefully-arranged buffet is an efficient and inviting way to serve a large number of guests. A buffet allows diners to pick and choose at their own discretion, and eliminates the need for table servers. Flatware placement is an important aspect of the buffet dinner party. Flatware must be strategically and conveniently placed to accommodate guests, who will have their hands full, and who wish t

How to Create a Party Menu
Parties & Entertaining
Planning a party is an enormous undertaking with hundreds of details and elements that must come together to create the perfect event. However, the most important facet of any party is the menu. Decorations can be ugly, the music can be a bore and the theme can be cheesy, but as long as the food is good, your guests will leave the party happy. Putting together a fabulous menu to satiate a myriad o

How to Decorate Tables with Crystals
Parties & Entertaining
Crystals and glass beads can be used in many ways to create beautiful decorative landscapes for your table. The key to making a crystal-decorated table shine is lots and lots of candles. For your dinner party or shower, try one of these themes for decorating your table.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Crystals, glass beads or tumbled glass rocks
Other decor as lis

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