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How do I enter a house sale into my accounting package?
by Maxton in Personal Finance
We sold our house and purchased a new one. The money from the sale went into our lawyer's trust account, and then was passed onto the vendor that sold us the new house.In my accounting package, I have a Sales Invoice and a Purchases Invoice, and I need to credit one against the other.Where do I code those transactions that didn't go through my bank account?Should I just create a new account code,

Most cost-effective way to purchase individual bonds?
by Topher Cyll in Personal Finance
I am trying to determine the most cost effective way to go about purchasing individual corporate and municipal bonds that I intend to hold until maturity.Is there great variation in the fees and commissions across brokers?Is there any reason not to use a platform designed for active traders? I intend to make at least one trade per month.

Do laddered term life-insurance strategies give significant savings over getting re-rated with shorter term policies?
by ponchopilate in Personal Finance
I have been reevaluating my life-insurance strategy and having remembered an article about using laddered term life insurance to give you a higher amount of coverage in the short term with reducing amounts of coverage in the long term. I am a prolific saver, and I have plenty of tax avoidance strategies in place for my long term savings, so I don't really need a discussion of term vs. permanent l

I'm a programmer and need a formula for calculating overal ROI
by cpacini in Personal Finance
I'm programming a web app to track my hedge fund performance. I'd like to find my overall ROI for all time.If I had a beginning balance and my current balance then finding the ROI is easy. For instance ((current balance / beginning balance) * 100) to get the percentage.Where I am having difficulty is in the fact that each week there are debits/credits to the account.So how can I accurately figure

How can I find car insurance with 3 major claims on my record?
by errornosignal in Personal Finance
In short:I have 2 total losses on my record due to city vehicles pulling out in front of me. They were at fault but the insurance companies don't care. My wife has an at fault accident which was a 3rd total loss on my insurances.Her dad backed our van into another car, it was just an insurance claim.Unfortunately the 2 vehicles are under my name and no there is no way to change this setup.I am obv

Do I pay tax if I convert INR to CAD to use in Canada
by Piercarlo Slavazza in Personal Finance
If as a Canadian resident, I hold an NRE account with an Indian bank and i transfer money earned in CAD to this account. The I earn interest in rupees and want to transfer back to CAD.The interest is tax free in India for NRE account, but when I convert them to CAD to use in Canada, do I pay tax to CRA? Assumption is that I already paid tax on the original CAD which i transferred to india
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Financing a vehicle a few months before I expect to apply for a mortgage?
by aaffleck in Personal Finance
My wife and I are planning to buy our first home together sometime around June/July time this year so we're mainly in 'piling up cash' mode and are trying to avoid any unnecessary expenses and especially taking out any new credit.However, my winter beater truck has decided that it's time for it to retire more or less immediately. Driving my regular "three season" vehicle out here in winter isn't a

What can a customer do to reduce damage from a data breach?
by Nothingness in Personal Finance
A larger retailer admitted recently that hackers were able to steal credit and debit card data for about 40 million customers. Reports say that names, payment card numbers, expiration dates and security codes have been stolen.Since I am customer for the retailer, I am very concerned. And I am unhappy that the retailer has exposed 40 million customers to this risk. And I am angry with these crim

What percentage of my income/assets should I commit to vehicles?
by tgwizard in Personal Finance
The past few years have been rough financially (housing crisis and collapse in real estate prices). As a result I have been educating myself about personal finance (credit, debt, budgets, etc). I have been trying to refine my budget to better manage my spending, saving and payoff debt.Now I am trying to determine how much I should spend upon transportation. My current commute is about 30 miles/

What is the minimum age for early retirement
by Idontcare in Personal Finance
What exactly is minimum allowed age for early retirement to draw a pension? In CRA website, it says that to get CPP, you need to be 65 (or is it 67) years of age. But some financial columns mention people retiring at 55 with pension. Does it mean that if a person stops working at 55, he will need to wait 10 yrs before he starts drawing the money from CPP?

Should I close unused credit cards before applying for another?
by Norway in Personal Finance
My wife and I currently have a few credit cards that we don't use, but there's another that we'd like to get, but I'm not sure if I should close those first and wait a month or so before applying for the other, or just apply for it and close the others at the same time. I'm mostly concerned about limiting the credit limit we get on the new card...We have: Local bank credit card - $1000 limit - 1st

How to account for Unrealized Gains in a Trial Balance?
by Bado in Personal Finance
Using GnuCash, When I run a Trial Balance on my accounts, my Debits exceed my Credits by 875.00 wich is the same amount of my Unrealized Gains on the Balance Sheet. How do I reconcile this in my Trial Balance?

What can a Target customer do to reduce damage from this data breach?
by GregoryWE in Personal Finance
Target admitted Thursday (December 19, 2013) that Hackers were able to steal credit and debit card data for about 40 million customers. Reports say that names, payment card numbers, expiration dates and security codes have been stolen.Since I am a Target customer, I am very concerned. And I am unhappy that Target has exposed 40 million customers to this risk. And I am angry with these criminals

How can a consumer avoid (reduce) damage from data breaches?
by redha in Personal Finance
Target admitted Thursday that Hackers were able to steal data for about 40 million customer, including names, credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates and security codes.There have been multiple data breaches including this one and the one last year which exposed another 45+ Million retail customers at T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, and others. There have been multiple huge data breaches, and the pr

Capitalize on a falling INR
by rcpratt in Personal Finance
Recently the INR has taken a beating. As an Indian retail investor, is there a way to capitalize on this? Assuming that the person is not in the export business. He is a salaried person earning income in INR

How China gains from currency manipluation [on hold]
by zz64 in Personal Finance
I read about the motives behind Chinese currency ma manipulation and it seems that the motive is that china wants to flood us market with cheap Chinese goods. But how does that help China? Devaluing a currency is a sign of national weakness, is it not?

How China's rise will affect a common man
by Bin in Personal Finance
I have heard the phrase 'by 2020 China will overcome US as the world's economic super power'? What does it mean for the average person? Will China be a better place to live than US? Better as in, more cost effective, lower crime, more jobs, less stress etc etc.

How a mortgage backed security fluctuates
by Nate Childers in Personal Finance
If I buy a mortgage backed security, what will happen to my investment if: The person that took out the mortgage defaults The person makes a prepayment The person refinancesThe bank that gave out the mortgage defaults

Is it common for student loan debt to be paid with another loan found at lower interest?
by Caveman in Personal Finance
I currently have 22k in student loans at 6.55% interest. I checked my credit score and it was 706 a couple of weeks ago. I am a recent college grad with a decent paying job right out of college. What do you think the likelihood is that I can get a loan to pay off my student debt at a lower interest rate?

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