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What exactly is minimum allowed age for early retirement to draw a
pension? In CRA website, it says that to get CPP, you need to be 65
(or is it 67) years of age. But some financial columns mention people
retiring at 55 with pension. Does it mean that if a person stops
working at 55, he will need to wait 10 yrs before he starts drawing
the money from CPP?
My wife and I currently have a few credit cards that we don't use, but
there's another that we'd like to get, but I'm not sure if I should
close those first and wait a month or so before applying for the
other, or just apply for it and close the others at the same time. I'm
mostly concerned about limiting the credit limit we get on the new
card...We have: Local bank credit card - $1000 limit - 1st cc I got
several years ago; limited cash back/etc. options; probably the
longest credit histor
Using GnuCash, When I run a Trial Balance on my accounts, my Debits
exceed my Credits by 875.00 wich is the same amount of my Unrealized
Gains on the Balance Sheet. How do I reconcile this in my Trial
Target admitted Thursday (December 19, 2013) that Hackers were able to
steal credit and debit card data for about 40 million customers.
Reports say that names, payment card numbers, expiration dates and
security codes have been stolen.Since I am a Target customer, I am
very concerned. And I am unhappy that Target has exposed 40 million
customers to this risk. And I am angry with these criminals.What can
a Target customer do to reduce damage from this data
breach?Suggestions elsewhere,
Target admitted Thursday that Hackers were able to steal data for
about 40 million customer, including names, credit and debit card
numbers, expiration dates and security codes.There have been multiple
data breaches including this one and the one last year which exposed
another 45+ Million retail customers at T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, and
others. There have been multiple huge data breaches, and the problem
is likely to get worse.As a consumer, I put effort into guarding my
private information, a
Recently the INR has taken a beating. As an Indian retail investor, is
there a way to capitalize on this? Assuming that the person is not in
the export business. He is a salaried person earning income in INR
I read about the motives behind Chinese currency ma manipulation and
it seems that the motive is that china wants to flood us market with
cheap Chinese goods. But how does that help China? Devaluing a
currency is a sign of national weakness, is it not?
I have heard the phrase 'by 2020 China will overcome US as the world's
economic super power'? What does it mean for the average person? Will
China be a better place to live than US? Better as in, more cost
effective, lower crime, more jobs, less stress etc etc.
If I buy a mortgage backed security, what will happen to my investment
if: The person that took out the mortgage defaults The person makes
a prepayment The person refinancesThe bank that gave out the mortgage
I currently have 22k in student loans at 6.55% interest. I checked my
credit score and it was 706 a couple of weeks ago. I am a recent
college grad with a decent paying job right out of college. What do
you think the likelihood is that I can get a loan to pay off my
student debt at a lower interest rate?

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