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I am a VAT registered business. Most of my suppliers are also VAT
registered, so its nice and simple to calculate the total selling
price of any particular item. For example, lets say i only want to
break even.Cost = 100VAT = 20Total cost = 120Selling price (ex vat)=
100VAT = 20Total selling price = 120GP = (100-100) = 0VAT expense =
(20-20) =0NP = (0-0) = 0However, lets say another company offered the
same product, but they are not vat registered.Cost = 100VAT = 0Total
cost =
At this wikipedia article on statutory liquidity ratiothe first line
says:banks require to maintain in the form of gold or govt. approved
securitiesWhy does it have to be gold or govt. approved securities
only? Why is cash not an option
I make music on youtube and my equipment is not the greatest. I would
like to accept paypal contributions to help me get a better equipment.
my question is do i need to declare these donations in my taxes?I live
in canada thank you
I drove to Buffalo, NY over the weekend with some friends, and I
bought myself a shiny new Apple iPad. I had to pay New York State
sales tax at the Apple Store, as well as declare my iPad purchase at
the Canadian border to pay Canadian GST + Ontario PST. So, I've been
taxed twice.I do know that when foreigners visit Canada, they can
apply to get GST reimbursed. Does a similar process exist for
foreigners visiting New York State, where an application can be made
to get state sales tax refund
I have some shares of an ETF, and I'm curious whether the ETF's
holdings overlap with any of the individual stocks that I own.Since it
varies so frequently, I don't think this is information that companies
update in their prospectus. Is there a (public facing) database that
these funds must report their holdings to?
I was recommended from a friend that I should consider switching my
current IRA to a Gold IRA. She sent me a link and told me to consider
switching over to Regal Assets. I haven't searched around a lot but I
was wondering if anyone had some experience working with this type of
IRA. I've been putting money into my IRA for many years now and am
concerned about our current economy. What is my best decision?
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this kind of a
question, but here it goes.I have the following information:A = Total
amount neededB = Number of periods (monthly, 12 payments of equal
value then increased by the percentage increase repeated for B number
of periods or annually (once per year) increasing by percentage
increase every time for B number of periods)C = Percentage Increase
(whether increasing every payment or every 12th payment)I'm tasked
with finding:The sta
I have a very small bill amounting to $43. I was billed this amount
when a medical services company sent me a product that I did not
order. (It was probably ordered on my behalf by a doctor I visited.)
Perhaps erroneously, I ignored it and they sent the bill amount to a
collections agency.At this point, the collections agency is asking for
$55. the doctor at fault is actually really good and they have gone
out of their way for me in the past. I am trying to get their opinion
on this matter.
I would like to know where to find historical recommendations (buy,
sell, hold etc) for Brazilian stocks?
I'm just beginning my entry into stock market investing, the answers
to this question helped a lot.I decided to research available videos
and workshops to speed up my learning and get good expert advice,
unfortunately there are literally hundreds of video packages to buy
from all lengths and price ranges. Just evaluating them will take
enormous amounts of time. It seems every trader who had any success
has a video to sell you.Can anyone here recommend one or more packages
that will educate m

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