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I'm sitting on a reasonable pile of cash, earning negligible interest
in a bank savings account. After determining that I can live without
this money for 5-10 years, I decided it would be best put into an
index mutual fund.However, I can't get myself to pull the trigger.
With the poor economic forecast in many countries right now (including
my own country, the US) most investors believe the market will be
heading south for a while to come.Question: do I sit on 0.5% interest
until better fo
TurbaTax is offering me Tax Audit protection for $49.95. If my tax
return is randomly selected for audit they will represent me. Is this
service worth the money?
Can anyone point me towards some information on investing in dividend
stocks, and how to identify good companies? Are there any metrics? I
am fairly illiterate when it comes to finance and stocks, but I do
have a portfolio composed of mainly growth stocks. I'd like to
re-invest some of the earnings I've realized into "safer" areas - like
dividend stocks and/or ETFs.
Based on my work in 2012, my company pays me a bonus in January 2013.
Should the bonus be taxed as part of 2012 income, or part of 2013
Assume there is equipment used for a for profit endeavor that will be
deducted from earnings.That equipment is also sold in the same year,
for less than or equal to the purchase price.How does this affect the
deduction, and/or depreciating of assets for federal tax
purposes?Citations welcome.
There is a question on the tax form when filing that asks "eligible to
participate in a 401K plan at work?" [Yes/No]. I contributed to my
401k up until March. I then took a new job that does not offer a
401K, and rolled mine into an IRA. I've now made 2,000 in
contributions to my IRA and 2,200 to my Roth IRA.How do I answer that
question on the form (which impacts whether or not my IRA
contributions are deductible or not) when its Yes and No?
I am interested in starting a Roth sometime in the near future, but
I'm worried about an economic downturn like 2008 eating up a lot of my
savings at some point in my life. Did most mutual funds take big hits
in 2008? Could someone provide some data of mutual funds that did/did
not take big hits during 2008? Or how do I find this data myself?I am
24, less than a year at my first job. I am in the 15% tax bracket. I
have a fairly low risk tolerance for my retirement funds.
I have a coupon which gives me 25% discount in a restaurant. Does the
restaurant pay tax (and therefore should they charge me tax) on the
full amount, pre-discount, or the amount after the discount?If it
makes any difference the coupon came in a book of coupons which I paid
a nominal sum for.
I have heard that if you withdraw money from your Roth early, there is
no penalty or tax as long as it is a "contribution". However
"earnings" cannot be withdrawn early without paying tax and 10%
penalty. When I put money into my Roth how will it be classified as
earnings or a contribution?
Recently had a water heater die in my rental property and it had to be
replaced with a new one.Here are the specifics:Old water heater that
was in the unit when I bought it.The property was occupied by tenants
at the time it was replaced.During the replacement I also had the
plumber fix two safety issues the home inspector identified related to
the water heater (install a power/water cutoff at unit).The
replacement and all the associated work in #3 totaled $1488I'm fairly
new at landl

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