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WTS Timothy hay $10/kg (Alfafa king BRAND) /> 
Selling Timothy Hay at $10/kg
Brand is Alfafa
King.Fresh and green..
Self collection at Punggol
delivery with purchase of 12kg
WTS Timothy hay $10/kg (Alfafa king BRAND) /> 
Selling Timothy hay at $10/kg. brand is Alfafa
King. Fresh and Green :s13:
WTS> Tidy Seed birdfeeder (designed for birds of all
Tidy Seed birdfeeder
Selling cheap
at S$15.00 Standard Size : L5" x W4" x H5" (sizes can
be made according to your requirement)
The advantages of using
this birdfeeder :
1) It completely no mess, no more cleaning up
of the seeds that throw everywhere. It keeps your cage & floor
2) Easy to fill, remove, clean and low maintenance.
Saves money on seeds as there is no more wastage.
3) No assembly
required. It is made of durable crystal clear acrylic. />Interested pls contact me @ 90010151. If you order more, plea
Decided to keep the
fish not for sale anymore.
WTS: Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain 3oz /> 
Selling on behalf of a friend who's cat
just died.
Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain (canned) 3oz for
sale. Have a total of 5 cartons for sale at a loss. Selling in carton
only, not selling in cans. Preferrably to sell all together. />Retail price: $43.20 per carton
My friend's price: $38/carton
for buy loose. $35/carton if buy all 5 cartons.
Please sms him at
82536368 to deal. His lost is your gain! Hurry!
WTS: Tank Set Sales!
Tank Sold, thanks for
WTS a tank of large fishes
A tank of
mixture of fishes for sale. Selling as fishes have overgrown and
require a larger living space.Interested pls let me know.
include: Kois, Silver sharks, Silver dollar, A large Red-tail Tinfoil
Barb, Bichirs
Thx for viewing.
WTS: Stainless Steel Cage for small dogs /> 
Sold to a great guy
WTS Small Rabbit/Guinea Pig Cage
this cage couple of months back from PLC (Retail: $72.76) when my
rabbit broke his right hind foot and became immobile (he had his front
left paw amputated two years back). But he passed away last week at 12
years old. It's good as new. />http://s21.postimg.org/dzejdalub/Alice_Cage.jpg
-Owners can change the beddings without
taking out the small animals, as the whole cage without the base can
be lifted up separately.
-The specialized plastic clips fasten
the meshes by holding its edge tightly.
-The design of the base
is fashionable and co
WTS: Sing Arowana Red Tail Golden
for supporting. Have a nice day

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