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Find out the user has access to this area - role [on hold]
Programming Languages

I am in the process of building such that the user access to the different kinds of areas.

I must have sure me that, for example Admin part is for shared Admin.

It is for sure me that I can determine which users have access to the different area!

Helper.cs (Class)

public static class CheckList
    public static bool YouHaveAccessHere(in

Scala, checking for type and then cast to it
Programming Languages

I have sometimes the usecase that I need to check if a variable is of a specific type and if so cast to it to access a property/function of it.


    if (state.isInstanceOf[StateA] &&

How can this be improved ? I could use match/case but is there a better option (shorter) ?

Basic Logical Operator Use [on hold]
Programming Languages

I am trying to program a very simple program that will tests if the input string is one or two and then does the action. However, I can't seem to get it working. Can someone help me?

    String input;
    input = Input.getString("Hi.");

    if ( (input == "one") | (input == "two") )

Domain driven design - Entity is updateable in certain circumstances
Programming Languages

Here is my business rule:

Anyone (anonymous users) can make an Application (as in to apply for something). Applications can be updated until they are reviewed and approved by an officer. Approved applications cannot be updated.

Therefore I created an abstract class

abstract class Application {
    //various fields of applicat

parsing in vb6 of one online sportsbook [on hold]
Programming Languages

from the outset i am not a programmer , i am an owner of several vb6 programs , i need parsing of the online sportsbbok , betdaq.com to scrape data for the english soccer, EPL & championsip , and the italian serie A & B for the wager type , match odds. i have 4 documents regarding this work if i could send an attachment , does anyone know of a program that will do this work , thanks d

Should I be using both AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC?
Programming Languages

I started learning AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC, but am not sure why to use them both together in the same project?

Aren't they both MVC frameworks? Should I be using them both in the same application? Isn't it one or the other?

Spring MVC hashmap model
Programming Languages

I'm working on an existing project and they are using SPRING framework. Just want to ask if it's a good design to have lot of Hashmaps as MODEL in your CONTROLLER rather than utilizing pojos and beans ?

VIM or Emacs on top of IDE, with plugins? [on hold]
Programming Languages

I want to use VIM or Emacs on top of IDE with plugins like IdeaVIM (IntelliJ) or Vrapper (for Eclipse). I want to prioritize by following,

  1. Support with most functionality in IDE's
  2. Effective use under IDE.
  3. More natural fit, should retain most of IDE functionality.

Considering above, which one among VIM and Emacs suits better ?

Order of tree and order of leaf node
Programming Languages

I was reading the book Fundamentals Of Database Systems by Navathe. The book mentions the order of internal nodes and order of the leaf node separately.

In other sources I found the order of tree to be only given.

In those cases can I assume that order of leaf node is same as the order of the tree?

Single Source Shortest Path
Programming Languages

In the lecture we are taught that we can solve All Pairs Shortest Path(APSP) with matrix multiplication.

In APSP we are creating a distance table for all the distances between each nodes in the graph. And now the question is "Is it possible to solve Single Source Shortest Path(SSSP) problem with matrix multiplication? I

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