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Stream data from SQL Server [on hold]
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I am part of a proof of concept team at the moment and I'm playing around with hadoop and all it's great additional things like hbase and hive.

I also found sqoop for loading data from rdbms into hdfs.

What I don't know so far is if there are any tools from streaming data from SQL Server into hdfs in real time.

I know that this is possible for mysql with the Applier for

Design pattern for "operation on object allowed, only if object is in certain state"
Programming Languages

For example:

Only job applications that are not yet in review or approved, can be updated. In other words, a person can update his job appliance form until HR starts reviewing it, or it's already acepted.

So a job application can be in 4 states:


How do

How narrow should my unit tests be?
Programming Languages

Here's an example:

I have a chat module in my app, and there's a ChatService class that is responsible for networking, and there's a ChatNotificationService helper class that is responsible for sending out and receiving broadcasts of messages, and there's also a ChatNotificiationDelegate protocol that has methods on it that get called when a notification arriv

Can't start file using git although it's work on prompt terminal just fine [on hold]
Programming Languages

On Windows OS, using start keyword to start file (e.g start Text.txt

works on prompt, but on git it doesn't work it return Err

 /bin/start: line 8: cmd: command not found

only this keyword return this Err on git

Bounded Priority queue with constant time amortized delete min and insert
Programming Languages

Given a bounded priority queue (with keys between 1 and k), is there any data structure with amortized constant time for delete min and insert and find min, where the worst case time for these operations is not constant.

Is individual code ownership important?
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I'm in the midst of an argument with some coworkers over whether team ownership of the entire codebase is better than individual ownership of components of it.

I'm a huge proponent of assigning every member of the team a roughly equal share of the codebase. It lets people take pride in their creation, gives the bug screeners an obvious first place to assign incoming tickets, and helps t

How to manage microservices?
Programming Languages

We are trying to adopt the microservice approach to our newly developed application.

However, we found that there are too many repos, branches, and releases need to be managed. Originally, we only have 2~4 repos to manage for an application. After adopting the microservice approach, we may have 10~20 repos for an application with the same complexity.

So, are there any best prac

Adding permission levels in Rails
Programming Languages

So I'm making a bug tracker to help me learn Ruby on Rails. My current setup is something like this:

  1. Each Project has_many :metadata and has_many :permissions, through: :metadata. Also some other stuff, but that's all that's relevant to this question.
  2. Each Metadatum (bad name, I know, but it'll work for now) has_m

SQL data value as a column header in a query? [on hold]
Programming Languages

I have a colleague who wants to use the values from one table as the column headers for another query. I have searched the web and various other forums but cannot find out if this is possible or not (it looks like it isn't possible).

If anyone can assist then that would be great - even if it confirms that this is not possible.

Put fixed selections in client, or load them from server?
Programming Languages

Context is a single page app with a rest backend.

For things like state and city lists, which rarely change, is it better to store them on server and load from client, or store them directly on client as javascript objects?

I am in favor of putting them on client to avoid writing boilerplate code (things like when state is selected city combo will be filled from server etc), but

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