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When rewriting medium to large applications, which of these approaches are useful?
23/12/2015 5:12 am by NesuD in Programming Languages

Despite Joel's missive that software rewrites are to be avoided under pain of death, it is still fairly common place. A lot of the existing software is good, but here and there, parts of it niggle, so for a while, you continue along your way.

"You can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitte

Balanced folder increment
23/12/2015 5:12 am by rjbsmith in Programming Languages

I want to map an integer (let's say 32bits) to a valid path. The integer is an autoincrement value stored in the database.

I also don't want at any case any folder to have more than N subfolders. That is because in WIN-NTFS (for example) after a specific number (around 1000) things are going really slow.

So I devised a pattern where each integer is mapped to hex groupped in two

How do I associate command objects with the right receiver?
23/12/2015 5:12 am by dormsbee in Programming Languages

I tried to use Command Pattern for implementing Undo and Redo in my project

public abstract class Command
    protected Form Receiver { set; get; }
    protected HtmlElement Element { set; get; }
    abstract public void ReDo();
    abstract public void UnDo();
    public Command(Form receiver)

Starting Second tab fragment of first activity from second activity [on hold]
23/12/2015 5:12 am by bicho44 in Programming Languages

I am new to android and I am stuck at particular section of the app which I am working on. The problem is - I want to navigate to the second tab of HomePageActivity when I perform onClickListener event on createEvent button in my SecondActivity. I tried using solution from various threads here and on other sites too but I was s

"Native" Language To Choose For Linux Program/Script Development? [on hold]
23/12/2015 5:12 am by mkmitch in Programming Languages

DISCLAIMER: If you think this post is based too far on opinion try list languages that suit my requirements instead of providing nothing constructive and deleting it. Or perhaps advise on the use of Mono.

I'm looking to get-into developing user Form and CLI applications for Linux, I'm already an experienced programmer and so I don't mind adapting my skill set and learni

Unit testing an API client and wrappers
23/12/2015 5:12 am by skulldrinker in Programming Languages

I've been going round in circles trying to figure out the best way to unit test an API client library I'm developing. The library has a Client class which basically has a 1:1 mapping with the API, and an additional Wrapper class which provides a more user-friendly interface over the top of the Client.

Wrapper --> Client --> External A

help implementing a cluster for me .NET 4.5 Console Application or Service
23/12/2015 5:12 am by OlioEngr in Programming Languages

My application most closely resembles that of a market trading application. It is a .NET 4.5 Console Application written in C# (could be converted to a Windows Service), using Entity Framework 6, that only interfaces with a database and a 3rd party API.

What I am trying to do is ensure that if one instance of my application fails, another one takes over. Bonus: Continuously streaming da

How can I use a PHP variable value in an external javascript file? [on hold]
23/12/2015 5:12 am by obijywk in Programming Languages

I am doing project by using CodeIgniter. In that project I have student controller, student_model and student view and chart.js to draw a chart.

I want to take a variable value from MVC and use it on chart.js.

How to refine the architecture, look for better solutions and not to spoil relationship with the team?
23/12/2015 5:12 am by thejunglegod in Programming Languages

What are the good practices of iterative search of a better solution?

Well, if I knew everything in advance and could immediately suggest 146% correct solution for a given context, I'd probably be the richest man in the world, but definitely I am not.

Thus some space and time for experimentation is needed.

In case of approaching some new technology or fra

Is node.js right tool for making system with around 50000 user accounts?
23/12/2015 5:12 am by scsscs in Programming Languages

I am going to develop a system where many users have their accounts with access for their individual data stored in database.

It is not real-time application but should have a lot of data in user profiles, user can change data, make request for new piece of data etc. And behind that there is some point as "command cente

my application is running properly on iphone 6 or later but not running in iphone 5 or before it always crash with some error [on hold]
23/12/2015 5:12 am by gorbiz in Programming Languages

Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[__NSCFString charValue]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7ae6a420'

SQL data value as a column header in a query?
23/12/2015 5:12 am by frozentundra123456 in Programming Languages

I have a colleague who wants to use the values from one table as the column headers of another query. I have searched the web and various other forums but cannot find if this is possible or not (it looks like it isn't possible). If anyone can assist that would be great, even if it confirms that this is not possible.

Algorithm for best subset of items
23/12/2015 5:12 am by cautionsign in Programming Languages

I have a matrix M with size NxN where each position M(i,j) is an integer representing the relationship between item i and j. If i and j are the same item then the positions M(i,j) and M(j,i) are 0.

What I'd need is to regroup these N items in subgroups of 5 elements each one. The value of each group would be Σ(M(i,j) for each i, j in the group). And I would need to maximize the tot

How to write constructors which might fail to properly instantiate an object
21/12/2015 7:12 pm by Triumph in Programming Languages

Sometimes you need to write a constructor which can fail. For instance, say I want to instantiate an object with a file path, something like

obj = new Object("/home/user/foo_file")

As long as the path points to an appropriate file everything's fine. But if the string is not a valid path things should break. But how?

You could:

  1. throw an ex

Is there ever a reason to do all an object's work in a constructor?
21/12/2015 7:12 pm by johntynan in Programming Languages

Let me preface this by saying this is not my code nor my coworkers' code. Years ago when our company was smaller, we had some projects we needed done that we did not have the capacity for, so they were outsourced. Now, I have nothing against outsourcing or contractors in general, but the codebase they produced is a mass of WTFs. That being said, it does (mostly) work, so I suppose it's in the t

C++ - Constructor or Initialize Method to Startup [duplicate]
21/12/2015 7:12 pm by Progdis in Programming Languages

Possible Duplicate:
Avoid having an initialization method

I want to determine when to do non-trivial initialization of a class. I see two times to do initialization: constructor and other method. I want to figure out when to us

setSoftInputMode versus InputMethodManager
21/12/2015 7:12 pm by Javier Pitalua in Programming Languages

I have seen and used both of the methods to hide the on screen keyboard while coding Android:



InputMethodManager imm = (InputMethodManager)
imm.hideSoftInputFromWindow(myEditText.getWindowToken(), 0);

What is a helper? Is it a design pattern? Is it an algorithm?
21/12/2015 7:12 pm by Itchrelief in Programming Languages

Maybe a little tongue-in-cheek, but as I can't find this answer anywhere through Google, so to ensure Programmers Stackexchange has the answer:

What is a helper?

I see the name being used everywhere (module names, class names, method names), as if the semantics were deep and meaningful, but in the context of Computer Science (although I don't have a degree in it

Mobile Web App - combines with exist web app or separate them
21/12/2015 7:12 pm by sdculver in Programming Languages

The company I work for already has a fully functional web app that is written in java using JSF framework. I'm now in the process of creating a mobile version of this web app and having some general questions on where to put this mobile web app.

  1. Should this mobile web app be a separate project, packaged in a different war, and installed as separate app in server or should it be

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