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Passing reference to an object
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I am checking whether the specified word can be formed on this boggle board with the canForm method. The board has a graph field which indicates adjacent tiles. I do a DFS and set answer to true if the word can be formed.

I understand why the code as it is below doesn't work: answer is a primitive, its value is copied at e

why use authentication token instead of session_id for app(android side) in REST API
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in normal php web application after login we use session_id that came from web browser to check if user loged in or not.

But in REST API authentication I read some tutorials that say php should send back authentication "token" for android app to save it and give it back to php server for every request.

my question is why should

Strategies to maintain contract between mocks and APIs
Programming Languages

Using a mock instead of hitting a 3rd party API like Postgres or Stripe can often be necessary when writing tests. A problem I've seen is when the API can unknowingly diverges from the data the mocks return. How can I maintain the contract between test data and real APIs? This is a Javascript project.

Is equating a variable to a function that takes the same variable bad programming?
Programming Languages

Is it improper programming to set a variable equal to the result of a function that accepts the same variable? The languages in question here are c#, javascript and PHP (not sure if this works in C families, personally).

var a = 1;
a = alterData(a);

Pattern for creating wrapper classes for wcf client?
Programming Languages

I have multiple wcf service which follows Request/Response pattern.

I have added the proxy classes generated by svcutil.exe to my project.

I need to create a wrapper classes for connecting to the wcf service which should follow IOC (i.e Dependency injection).

I am searching for a pattern to implement that. Anyone please suggest some approach to achieve that.

How can i reduce http request while i have 100s of image + 1000s of users.
Programming Languages

I need an idea or concept how to reduce http request. Conditions : 1000s of users(android/iphone) active 100s of small images (150kb/image) to be fetched

Simply by giving each image a hardcode link, server will have to handle 100 * 1000 http request. How could i minimize the requests ?

Blaming the ills of today on the technical debt of yesterday
Programming Languages

A surprising number of quality, scalability, and load problems have been occurring on an application I currently support that I did not originally write. Thankfully I have new projects that I have been doing from the ground up to retain some semblance of my sanity.

The original team consisted of 20 some developers (most of them with outdated skill sets), no business requirement documen

Has "Not everyone can be a programmer" been studied?
Programming Languages

An old adage that many programmers stick to is "It takes a certain type of mind to learn programming, and not everyone can do it."

Now I'm sure that we all have our own trove of anecdotal evidence, but has this been studied scientifically?

What is the point of using lists over vectors, in C++?
Programming Languages

I've run 3 different experiments involving C++ lists and vectors.

Those with vectors proved more efficient, even when a lot of insertions in the middle were involved.

Hence the question: in which case do lists make more sense than vectors?

If vectors seem more efficient in most cases, and considering how alike their members are, then which advantages are left for lists?<

What to do if a team member delivers bad quality code? [duplicate]
Programming Languages
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