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Domestic abuse is a worldwide epidemic that affects everyone,
regardless of race, sex, financial status or religion. There's the
side that we can see---it can be as obvious as a black eye or a broken
arm. But a much more powerful form of domestic abuse tears down
victims' self-esteem, consuming them with feelings of hopelessness and
guilt and causing them to withdraw from those who love and care about
them the most. This is called emotional abuse, and it's much more
damaging because in time, physical wounds can heal, but emotional
scars can last a lifetime.
Perhaps you know someone who's in the
midst of an abusive relationship and can't find a way out. It might
There's a whole world full of people out there, but finding the one
who is the correct mate for you can be a real challenge. If you're
searching for your soul mate, you could be sabotaging yourself by
looking for him or her in all the wrong places. Finding your correct
mate is a matter of knowing what you want and going after it,
understanding that finding love can be a process of trial and
error.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Relax your
expectations. Finding the correct mate isn't a matter of searching for
one specific person who fits your exact ideal image of what that mate
should be. Instead, finding a soul mate involves getting to know
someone and learning, over time, that the
We sometimes forget that the men in our lives need and want to feel
important. There are easy ways to make your man feel important, and he
will appreciate your effort. From telling him how good he looks to
giving him a wink and a smile, you can brighten his day and make him
feel like the most special man in the
world.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Making a Man Feel
ImportantAsk him to do things for you that you can't do by yourself.
Men like to feel like they are needed around the house, or with any
other aspect in your life. Ask him to fix something that has been
broken for quite some time; he will feel good that you depend on him
for some things.
Plan a day just for him. It can be f
Friendships are an invaluable part of life, and having a strong
friendship is a great foundation for a healthy relationship. The
transition from platonic to romantic may seem scary, but there are
ways that you can test the waters to see where the other person stands
on this matter. This may be a risky adventure, but its worth
exploring.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Make sure that you are
happy with yourself first and foremost. This happiness will be like a
magnet. People naturally want to gravitate towards a happy, positive
personality. Letting yourself shine is a great way to have a man take
notice of your beauty and ignite a desire to be near you to share that
Take a mom
Giving a hug is a wonderful expression of your feelings about that
special girl in your life. Research done at the University of North
Carolina found that hugging not only lowers blood pressure, but
increases levels of the relaxing hormone oxytocin in women. Hugging
isn't rocket science, but you should consider a few things when you
want to give her the perfect hug.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Be
prepared. Hugging is a close-up activity, so if you really want to
make the best impression, remember that a clean, fresh-smelling person
is great to hug; someone who smells like a gym isn't. Brush your teeth
and use breath mints since you will be very close to her. A little
cologne is OK, but don
As sacred and as beautiful marriage is, it isn't a guarantee that you
will love your wife for the rest of your life. Although your mind
might convince you that you ought to stay with the person you
exchanged vows with, your heart has the final say. As heartbreaking as
the truth is that you are in love with someone else, your wife
deserves to know the truth.Difficulty:Moderately
ChallengingInstructions Choose a time that your wife won't be
preoccupied. Make sure she isn't in a rush to be somewhere else, such
as a work meeting or another scheduled event. Select a time when she
isn't tired or sleepy so she can give you her full attention.
your wife to sit down because you have news th
Women always agonize over what to give the men in their lives. When
it's a boyfriend, it's even worse. The key to giving a perfect
Christmas gift is to quit agonizing and start listening. Men nearly
always tell you what they want, if you just pay attention.
Generating IdeasStart by really thinking about your boyfriend as a
person. What does he love? Where did he hang out all the time before
you started dating? Who are his friends? If you're dating a Star Wars
geek, embrace it. If he loves restoring Mustangs, learn what a socket
wrench is. Treat your quest for the perfect Christmas present as an
opportunity to get to know who this man you love really is.Ask the
experts: his friends. The me
Thousands of children are abused and neglected each day in the United
States, according to www.childhelp.org. Some are abused or neglected
by babysitters or at day care centers. Children should feel safe and
comfortable with these people and in these settings, so if you suspect
child abuse in day care centers, report it right away. After you have
reported the incident, the suspected abuser will be immediately
investigated in order to help prevent any child
abuse.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
information (name and parents' names)
Incident information (date,
time, location)
Child Abuse Hotline number

the child is in immediate dan

If you were adopted and have a desire to find your birth parents,
there are a number of resources that can help you. It is important
that you mentally prepare yourself for the search and all of the
possible outcomes. Think about joining a support group or talking to a
counselor before beginning your search, and then take steps to begin
tracking your birth parents.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Gather any information that you have that may help with your search.
Try to find out the name of the adoption agency and any other person
or organization that assisted your adoptive parents. If you are
fortunate enough to have names of birth family members or documents
about anyone in your b
Almost half of all marriages end in divorce, according to the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention. If you're worried that your
marriage could become one of them, marriage counseling might help put
your relationship back on track. Some insurance plans include coverage
for marriage counseling, but many don't. But you can get marriage
counseling even if you don't have
insurance.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Check with your state or
county to find out if you're eligible for help under the federally
funded Healthy Marriage Initiative, created in 2002. Twenty-six states
have marriage education opportunities, including marriage counseling,
for low or no cost through this initiative.

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