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Spousal abuse may take the form of physical, emotional, sexual or
financial abuse and verbal threats of violence.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Look for signs of fear in the victim when he or
she is around the suspected abuser.
Note whether the victim makes
excuses for the suspected abuser's anger or violent temper.
for signs of alcohol or drug abuse by the victim or the suspected
Find out if either the victim or suspected abuser has a
family history of abuse.
Note whether the victim displays an
unhealthy dependence on the suspected abuser, either financially,
socially or emotionally.
Look for bruises, limping, sores or poor
Consider frequent
Unless you want to be asked out again by this person, be direct and
leave no room for misinterpretation.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Be clear, consistent and gracious in your refusal.
Be politely neutral rather than emphatic.
Don't hesitate,
procrastinate or ask to think about it.
Express regret, if you'd
like, but never say anything you don't mean, such as, 'Maybe another
Devise an impersonal, generic explanation if you prefer,
such as, 'I never date co-workers' or 'I'm involved with someone
else.' Otherwise, simply refuse the invitation with a polite 'Thank
you for thinking of me. I'm sorry I'll have to say no.'
Tips &
WarningsIf a person persists in
The following information is based on materials from the Santa Barbara
Domestic Hotline, the Shelter Services for Women, and the Los Angeles
Commission on Assaults Against Women.Difficulty:Moderately
ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Yellow Pages
Airline Tickets
Train Tickets

Make a Safety
PlanSave money each week.
Keep money aside (and hidden) for an
Keep important documents handy and easily accessible:
birth certificates, social security cards, green cards and health
Plan an escape route from your house or
Arrange with neighbors to call police if

Comforting a grieving person entails offering support and allowing the
person to go through whatever he or she is
feeling.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
Electronic Greeting Cards
Paper Greeting Cards
Movie Tickets
Museum Tickets
Exercise Equipments

Allow the person to
talk about his grief and express his feelings. Listen without offering
advice or interrupting.
Be patient with the grieving person's
changeable moods. It's normal for someone who is grieving to alternate
between anger, sadness, numbness and acceptance.
Give the person as
much time as he needs to grieve. Telling him

Most people will at some point in their life have to deal with a
breakup with a partner and the emotions that comes with it. Sometimes
it takes a while to get back on your feet and other times you feel
better after a shorter period of time. It all depends on what type of
person you are and how serious the relationship was. Here are some
advice on how to make this period as bearable as
possible.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things
You'll Need
Scented Candles
Bath Oils
Bubble Baths
Gift Certificates
Health Club Memberships
Massage Gift
Movie Rentals
Sports Tickets
class="error">Talk to your friends.
Get c
Sometimes the steadiness of friendship is the best remedy for the ups
and downs of the romance roller coaster. Here are some tips for
helping out a friend in need.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Things You'll Need
Stress Relief Products
Picnic Basket
Picnic Blankets
Boxes Of
Comfort Food
Facial Tissues
Dinner Reservations
Facial Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates
Museum Tickets
Travel Services
class="error">Spend time with your friend, ideally in person.
your friend talk. If he or she is not talking, encourage it. Keep lots
of tissues handy.
Try distractions. Mo

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