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Did Neo die in the end of the Matrix trilogy?
by Bjørn Håkon in Science Fiction
Towards the end in "The Matrix Revolutions", Neo is jacked by the machines into the Matrix to fight Agent Smith. During the fight, Smith seems to have killed Neo then we see the machines pumping a charge into Neo to revive him. Neo however doesn't seem to be active inside the Matrix anymore and just explodes into light.We then see his physical form being set down by the machines. Is Neo at this po
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Why did the Engineers leave the clues to their military installation (as opposed to somewhere else)?
by Javier Pitalua in Science Fiction
Dr. Shaw (and her bf) told the crew of Prometheus in their presentation that Engineers left - as far back as 35,000 years - clues as to the location of their planet in the form of a star pattern in images found all over the globe. "They want us to find them" - Dr. Elizabeth ShawWhen they researched the pattern, they found LV-223.Except that:LV-223 was NOT their home planet, it was their secret mi

Why is Nostromo's technology so... 1980s?
by Hungary in Science Fiction
"Prometheus" is meant to be a prequel to "Alien", happening 30 years before (src).If that's the case, how come one of the very earliest spaceships, Prometheus from 2089, has a spiffy new technology, while Nostromo has antique text based CRTs, mechanical IBM style keyboards, and all the associated technologies screaming "1980s called, and they want their IBM PC back!" ?The great visuals of this can

How do the Elves in LOTR (canon) obtain their food?
by JustinDSN in Science Fiction
It's been asked before what Elves eat, but my question is specifically: where on (Middle) Earth do they get it? I find this to be a significant mystery & potential "hole" in the mythology. I'll list first my thoughts on why there's an issue, then the potential answers I see. Please tell me, if you can, whether any of these can be confirmed or invalidated by any statements found in canon.Elves

Is there a difference in appearance between Yubaba and Zeniba?
by python in Science Fiction
Is there a difference between Yubaba's and Zeniba's appearance in Spirited Away? A couple other sources say they're "nearly identical", not exactly, but fail to say why.

Why was Wall'E the only remaining Wall-E unit?
by naemi in Science Fiction
In the movie WALL-E the Buy n Large company intiates the five year plan "Operation Clean-Up" to clean Earth and make it habitable again. Eventually the plan is deemed a failure and directive A113 is issued, declaring Earth a lost cause and setting the stage for the approximate 700 year time lapse. During this time the Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth class robots continue to do their job, that

What ultimately happened to the Succubus?
by YuriyLazarev in Science Fiction
The Succubus was the ship that was piloted by Emerald "Dead-Eye" Flint while destroying the Survion and most of the Bionts. In the into to Aquanox it is stolen, and we later learn that it was stolen by Freeman (a clear Half-Life reference). In Aquanox 2, William Drake takes on a job (optionally) to protect that Freeman fella, who seems unable to properly control the Succubus.However, after that we

In the Alien series, what is the meaning of the "LV" designation for planets and moons?
by massmedia in Science Fiction
Alien and Aliens take place on LV-426, Prometheus on LV-223. What does "LV" stand for?

What Silence fell?
by DSLer in Science Fiction
When Doctor gets to Trenzalore, "Silence" was supposed to fall.In the Name of the Doctor I can name a few things that fell:The TARDISClaraThe Doctorand maybe a few more that I do not remember.So since this episode is where the Doctor finally reaches Trenzalore -- What Silence fell?
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Quartet of books about a boy discovering a secret passage in a stone circle
by CrimsonGore in Science Fiction
I read this book at school in the early 1990's. I seem to remember the title being "Summer of [blank]" "Spring of [blank]" etc.It's centred on a village that has a stone circle. I vaguely remember the boy having an archaeologist father, and travelling through a secret passage in a Stonehenge-like stone circle and discovering another world underneath.The characters in each book were recurring in ea

What Was the Rationale of the Ancients for Eliminating Manual Dialing of Pegasus Stargates?
by Matthieu Bozec in Science Fiction
Related to questions:Remote Dialing OptionStargate Network Version DifferencesI noticed while reading several articles on stargates that the Ancients had made "upgrades" in their 3rd version of the stargate network (Pegasus) regarding security. The one that strikes me as most odd is the fact that they eliminated the ability for Pegasus gates to be manually dialed (i.e., without the use of a DHD).

Story with flying cat?
by Wilson Mar in Science Fiction
Remember reading a (loath to use the label) 'young adult' novel. A minor character was a cat who learnt to fly. The cat wasn't at all interested in the hero's problems and was happier chasing birds. Any ideas?
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Why does River Song save the Doctor in Let's Kill Hitler?
by Progdis in Science Fiction
Could any one tell me why River Song saves the Doctor after kissing him with the poisoned lipstick? She was programmed to kill him, so why did she save him ?

Chronological order for Anne Bishop's Black Jewels stories
by nchaimov in Science Fiction
I was looking at the list of stories and saw that there are quite a few, but I couldn't find a definitive list with all of the stories in proper in-universe chronological order.So, what is the correct order for all of the stories?

What is the proper viewing order of the DC Animated Universe?
by gitano in Science Fiction
The DC Animated Universe consists of many shows. Is there a "proper" viewing order? More than one possible recommended order? Chronological order? Or are there enough overlaps to make it worth worrying about?

Material Question [duplicate]
by Creig in Science Fiction
This question already has an answer here: How was Thor able to dent Captain America's Shield? 3 answers Why can't adamantium cut through vibranium? 7 answers

70s Young Adult science fiction short story collection available in schools
by Schmidt in Science Fiction
I must have read this book around 1991 and even then it looked pretty old, so I believe that it was from the 70's. It was slightly over-sized with a mostly black cover featuring some nice 70's era sci-fi illustration. I believe the cover depicted scenes from the various stories inside the book, but the main image was of men in spacesuits firing laser guns at these crystal crab shaped aliens.I thin

How are Vulcans and Romulans different from each other?
by erlang in Science Fiction
I know that Vulcans and Romulan come from the same parent race. But beyond that, how did they branch off? For how long they have been apart? Are they more different than human and chimps? Can they breed?

Can Reavers reproduce?
by kpkp in Science Fiction
Can the Reavers in Firefly/Serenity reproduce or otherwise grow their numbers, or are they stuck, always losing numbers? I'm not really counting the ones produced occasionally during a raid, but a more consistent method of reproduction.

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