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I read this book at school in the early 1990's. I seem to remember the
title being "Summer of [blank]" "Spring of [blank]" etc.It's centred
on a village that has a stone circle. I vaguely remember the boy
having an archaeologist father, and travelling through a secret
passage in a Stonehenge-like stone circle and discovering another
world underneath.The characters in each book were recurring in each
book of the series, but on different points of their time line.A snake
definitely became a
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DifferencesI noticed while reading several articles on stargates that
the Ancients had made "upgrades" in their 3rd version of the stargate
network (Pegasus) regarding security. The one that strikes me as most
odd is the fact that they eliminated the ability for Pegasus gates to
be manually dialed (i.e., without the use of a DHD). This feature
usually comes in handy in cases of stranded travelers with few
technological res
Remember reading a (loath to use the label) 'young adult' novel. A
minor character was a cat who learnt to fly. The cat wasn't at all
interested in the hero's problems and was happier chasing birds. Any
Could any one tell me why River Song saves the Doctor after kissing
him with the poisoned lipstick? She was programmed to kill him, so why
did she save him ?
I was looking at the list of stories and saw that there are quite a
few, but I couldn't find a definitive list with all of the stories in
proper in-universe chronological order.So, what is the correct order
for all of the stories?
The DC Animated Universe consists of many shows. Is there a "proper"
viewing order? More than one possible recommended order? Chronological
order? Or are there enough overlaps to make it worth worrying about?
This question already has an answer here:
How was Thor able to dent Captain America's Shield?
3 answers
can't adamantium cut through vibranium?
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I have a question abo
I must have read this book around 1991 and even then it looked pretty
old, so I believe that it was from the 70's. It was slightly
over-sized with a mostly black cover featuring some nice 70's era
sci-fi illustration. I believe the cover depicted scenes from the
various stories inside the book, but the main image was of men in
spacesuits firing laser guns at these crystal crab shaped aliens.I
think the stories were all by the same author, although I'm not 100%
sure anymore.The book contain
I know that Vulcans and Romulan come from the same parent race. But
beyond that, how did they branch off? For how long they have been
apart? Are they more different than human and chimps? Can they breed?
Can the Reavers in Firefly/Serenity reproduce or otherwise grow their
numbers, or are they stuck, always losing numbers? I'm not really
counting the ones produced occasionally during a raid, but a more
consistent method of reproduction.

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