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In The Hobbit, the Dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf are on a mission to rob
Smaug. But why did he have so much to steal from? He's a Dragon! He is
not the kind of dragon that eats gold and gems. He doesn't need wealth
to buy a luxury cavern and/or pay his servant. Why did Smaug gather
his treasure?
Is there any relation or link (by blood or legend or anything) between
the dragon Glaurung, in The Children of Húrin, and Smaug in The
What happened to the carcass of Smaug after the events of The Hobbit?I
remember reading that Smaug fell into the flaming ruins of Laketown
(and that many tried to dive in later for the riches it may have
carried?) - but what then? Was the carcass left there to rot? Could
visitors see its bare, huge bones stick out of the water?
There are nine main Weasleys in the Harry Potter books. Most of whom
got inured in the course of the
books.Arthur:Bill:Fred:George:Ron:Ginny:I can't remember if Molly,
Charlie, or Percy suffered any significant injures (obviously cuts and
bruises from various confrontations). Can anyone quote any major
injuries to those three?
In Return of the Jedi Luke displays a greater affinity with the Force
and increased skill with the lightsaber, not to mention having learned
to build his own. Where did Luke hone his skills between Empire
Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi? Did he return to Dagobah and
train with Yoda, or did he go somewhere else?
It is presumed that Smaug hears about the treasure within the Lonely
Mountain and decides he will take it, but as the dwarves had been
mining there for a long time there must've been a significant time
period where the treasure would presumably have been worthy of Smaug's
attention but he didn't either know about it or feel willing/able to
take it.What was the trigger for Smaug to attack at that particular
I remember a particular story in a comic in the UK (could have been a
US import though), it regards a couple on a honeymoon cruise on a
liner.The ship picks up someone in a lifeboat (or directly from the
sea?), but it turns out that this person has some sort of disease that
turns the victim into an overgrown monster (bit hulk-like). The
disease is passed on by touch, and spreads through the ship like
wildfire. The newly-weds are soon the only ones left, and as they
prepare to jump overboard,
Did Tolkien the linguist intend for the name of the dragon Smaug to be
pronounced "Smog" [IPA: /smɒɡ/ or /smɔːɡ/]? The trailer for the
second installment of The Hobbit trilogy pronounces the word
(pronounced 'sma-ow-g' [IPA: /smaʊɡ/]) entirely differently than the
way I have been reading it for all these many years.
Wikipedia article on the episode. It is clear to me that the Lazarus
from the normal universe wanted to meet the Lazarus from the
anti-matter universe, and if that would happen both universes would be
destroyed. The good Lazarus (from the anti-matter universe) asked Kirk
to help him trap Lazarus in the corridor with him. Under what
circumstances would both universes be obliterated? Is it if both
Lazaruses were in the same universe outside of the corridor? I don't
understand why they needed to be
There are clearly spells for manipulating memory.Some, can give you
new implanted memory (e.g. Hermione giving her parents new life with
no daughter, when she Witness-Protection-Style moved them away during
the Trio's search for Horcruxes).If so, why does there seem to be no
spell to teach people useful stuff? E.g. "eat this magical tablet and
know all about Goblin Rebellions"... "cast this charm and the target
will know how to apparate"... "The spell for increasing your skill to
correctly b

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