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Question is simple: In the Knight Rider series the entire foundation
was embarked to a truck and on the road, many episodes started with
this scene on the road with the truck with KITT and Michael, and they
always started the incoming mission with the awesome road turn, but
where did they go with the truck?
I remember seeing this particular scene from Star Wars, Episode IV in
the theater during the film's original release in 1977. Luke Skywalker
watches the battle between the Rebel Blockade Runner and the Imperial
Star Destroyer above Tatooine via binoculars.Was this scene cut from
later releases of Star Wars Ep IV?
Earthlings in the 20th century learned the value of putting multiple
engines on aircraft: that way, if one fails, you can keep flying. But
in the Star Trek universe, Federation ships like the Enterprise have
only one warp core. (AFAIK — I can't say I've examined every
Federation ship before asking this question.) Why is this so? If the
warp core is so important, why wouldn't ships be built with two, so
they have a backup? That way, if one fails, you wouldn't need to, oh I
don't know, send ke
It wasn't Stephen King's "The Mist" but I believe it inspired his
story. I saw it as a kid in the late 70's on the Saturday afternoon
"Creature Feature" show.
Saw this book or series on a shelf of a mall store probably in the
80's. Prologue described a war between groups of humans. By exposure
or ingestion of some sort of crytal they could control an element like
wind or fire. Crystals are sentient. Attempt to control more than one
element is fatal because first crystal attacks the second. Main
character gets exposed to all crystals at once in a battle to prevent
someone else from getting the crystals and successfully gets control
of all elements. Cry
There are clearly spells for manipulating memory.Some, can give you
new implanted memory (e.g. Hermione giving her parents new life with
no daughter, when she Witness-Protection-Style moved them away during
the Trio's search for Horcruxes).If so, why does there seem to be no
spell to teach people useful stuff? E.g. "eat this magical tablet and
know all about Goblin Rebellions"... "cast this charm and the target
will know how to apparate"... "The spell for increasing your skill to
correctly b
I am creating a futuristic fantasy setting for my latest novel.In your
opinion what are the most over used cliches that I should avoid when
creating the setting?Many thanks.
In the second Hobbit movie, Smaug mentions the name Thorin Oakenshield
to Bilbo. (I don't have my copy of the book with me now, but I don't
believe he refers to Oakenshield in that.) Thorin received that
moniker thirty years after Smaug drove him out of Erebor - how could
Smaug know about Thorin's deeds at Moria?Given that Smaug also seems
to know something about Sauron's return - he mentions a rising
darkness and dark armies, if I recall - is the dragon in contact with
Sauron's forces? Is thi
I know that there are a couple of web sites which list a full timeline
of Known Space works.Is the timeline order the suggested reading order
for the full Known Space universe? If not, what is and why?Please note
that the question optionally excludes "Man-Kzin Wars" works, since
it's covered by Are there any Known Space works I should read before
Man-Kzin Wars? question; but feel free to include them in your answer
for completeness; or better yet reference that other questions'
answer(s) if
I don't understand why they locked him in a room with nightlock (kills
you fast) what did he do?

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