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In "Conversations with Dead People", Dawn spends the episode fighting
a poltergeist that:However, if it wasn't the above, and was in
fact:then who was the poltergeist trying to stop them talking?
The Battle Room is near-zero gravity environment where war games are
conducted. Inside the area are large obstacles called "stars."
Soldiers use these stars as cover, and also for launching off of.
Disabled soldiers will also collide with the stars. Shouldn't the
stars start drifting around a few collisions?
I remember watching Land of the Giants which at the time was pretty
cutting edge for special effects. But also had an engaging story line
(or seemed so at the time). How come I never come across it when I am
I'm doing my senior essay on lightsaber science and history (as I am
making a lightsaber hilt out of machined aluminum for my project). I
am looking for other references that I can put in my work cited page
besides wookieepedia that give information about how lightsabers were
crafted, and their lore and evolution (protosabers to modern
lightsabers). Is there a comprehensive list of current canon
information on the crafting and history of lightsabers, including
references (preferably also wit
I've just started finally reading this series and have the first two
TPBs. I'm thoroughly hooked and I see there is a ton of of various GFT
titles that have been done and also currently going. I have no idea
how to proceed collecting and reading this series and am worried that
I'll buy something I won't understand because I didn't read some
previous thing.I haven't been able to find any kind of reading list
for the series. Can I just keep collecting the main series and it will
tell me what sid

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