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As part of my digging into heritability of magic, I am trying to see
if there's any difference between the chances of being a wizard with
one Muggle parent if your mother vs. your father was a Muggle.As far
as I know, JKR didn't cover that explicitly, but we can at least make
a guess based on statistics.As such: Of all the half-Muggles mentioned
by JKR (books, supplemental books, interviews, Pottermore) where we
know who was a Muggle among parents, how many were Muggle fathers vs
Muggle moth
It seems like building the Robocop was a really stupid business
approach:You can't build them on industrial scale (to put it somewhat
insensitively, OCP didn't have a ready supply of highly trained and
freshly killed police officers)So, Robocop seemed like a prototype
that could never have entered production. Total waste of R&D
money.And having a police brain (because he already know police
procedure) seems not necessary since at the same time OCP could build
fully AI robots (from robo
We know she'll end up there because:I really don't want to think it's
the Doctor, but it does cross my mind all the time. She won't tell the
Doctor, so it's a very, very good man they both know.
Harry, Ron and Hermione skip school in the final book to hunt down the
Horcruxes.And 1999 is the year Hermione supposedly graduates from
Hogwarts, but the article has no citation and doesn't mention Ron or
Harry returning.Do they or anyone else from the Battle of Hogwarts
return to finish that year? I'm looking for canon sources here, or
even better Word of Author.
Vastra is a Victorian Silurian, one of a race of reptilian humanoids
buried in caverns in the earth.She is first seen in the television
series in 'A Good Man Goes to War', wherein the Doctor calls upon her
in his time of need.When did the doctor first meet her? Does/did she
owe him, if so what for?
I believe it is a classic adventure fantasy. The protagonist is a
teenaged boy with a bow and arrow and long hair. There is a girl, of
course, and I think there is an evil witch, but I may be wrong on that
one. The crystals, I think, are magical or may even be used as energy
weapons, and, I'm not sure about this, the crystals may even grow all
over the landscape. The series is from the 90's to the early
2000's.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Reputed to be intimately familiar with every last item within his
hoard, Smaug instantly noticed the theft of a relatively
inconsequential cup by Bilbo Baggins. Had he been able to defeat the
barrel riding burglar, would Smaug have known what he had and be able
to lay claim Sauron's One Ring?
What role did the breakers have in the moving on of the world, and
were the beams in trouble before they began their attacks, or is the
whole series basically predicated on their attacking the beams and
setting everything in motion?
In the snowman it is revealed what happens when the doctor lost Amy
and Rory so i question what happens if he really did quit and if he
did will it be good (cause if he quits exploring he wont go to
trenzalore) or bad (living snow destroys earth)
I'm curious if there is any sort of scientific explanation of the
irregular seasons in "A Song of Ice and Fire". What would the
orbit/tilt of such a planet look like? How would a year be measured?

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