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Magento auto currency switcher extension from FME automatically
switches the currency and language of the Magento store according to
visitor's locations. It does so by auto detecting visitor's Geo
location and then change currency in Magento to allow
users to pay in local currency. Magento language
 also switches the language of the store to enables
visitors to read the store in their native language, thereby giving
them a complete personalized shopping experience.  href="https://marketplace.magento.com/fme-fme-geoipdefaultlanguage.html"
title="" target="_blank">Magento auto currency
switcher offers the following additional

  1. Manual Store Switching:  style="background-color: rgb(242, 242, 242);">Apart from auto
    switching, Magento currency extension also allows users to manually
    switch their store's credentials. 

  2. style="background-color: rgb(242, 242, 242);">IP Exceptions: style="background-color: rgb(242, 242, 242);"> Store admin can
    bypass some visitors from auto switching by configuring their IP's in
    the IP exceptions. 

  3. style="background-color: rgb(242, 242, 242);">MaxMind
    Database: Import a CSV based IP database to detect locations or use
    the existing MaxMind database. 

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y show tml on photo file?
shud be
today... />http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a209/tancfc/25.jpg
Youtube issues on PC & Samsung TV
PC the videos will load...then it will pause randomly at 1min or 30s
or 2mins and doesn't load.
Pull the slider alittle
backwards....it loads and playback continues.
For TV the
resolutions always seems low and I cannot choose HD or SD.
solutions or tips? I'm on 200mbps by SH by the way speed test
Even when I pause the video it doesn't continue to load
the remainder.
Youtube and Internet Download Manager /> 
previously when i put my mouse cursor on the IDM
bar in Youtube video, there will be a drop down list of different
video sizes that i can download.
but now there is only a
default 360p flv.i have to click change quality to get the desired
it's same for both Firefox and IE. i have uninstalled and
reinstall Firefox, IDM and adobe flashplayer 11 plugin but cannot get
back the old IDM drop down list.
how do i get back the IDM drop
down list to download?
Worth upgrading to Windows 8 for DX 11.1? /> 
I am currently running Windows 7 Home
Premium x64 (OEM System Builder Pack).
I will be primarily
upgrading for BF4 which recommends Windows 8 64 for DirectX 11.1. Here
are the official system specs released few hours ago: />http://i44.tinypic.com/t7y3jc.png
Most importantly, what price
should i be looking for? (Windows 8 Professional/ Windows 8 upgrade
Any suggestions? Thanks :s12:
wmv video with chapters?
hi, i'm unfamiliar
with wmv video files. can they hav chapters like mkv chapters? i tried
adding "markers" but mpc-hc doesn't see any chapters. wmp
i've no idea where chapter list is found...
thx :)
Winzip/Rar Password Cracker
here knows what is the best password cracker for winzip/rar?? />Thanks!
winxp date report error? /> 
http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a2...ewImage122.jpg />should show today!!! />http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a2...c/NewImage.jpg />http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a209/tancfc/8-2.jpg />http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a2...1-22214031.jpg />http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a209/tancfc/1234.jpg
zone on camera is correct.
regional time setting on pc is
pc & camera date tally.
but whenever take
picture ,it stated picture is taken tomorrow instead of today.
this understandable?
Win Server 2003 R2 user shut down
Hi guys i
need help on the follow />https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/phot...eat=directlink
Logged in
as administrator, still the add user/groups is grey out. This is on my
Ive alrdy added user and rights on my DC as
The added users can do shut down on DC but not on
the servers.
Currently only administrator can do shutting down of
the server.
Anyone can help?

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