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winfax pro alternative?
hi, is anyone using
any fax software? looking for an alternative to winfax pro since
winfax pro isnt supported on win7 and up.
thanks in advance!
Window XP still the best ?
Hi all, like to
know anyone here still using Window XP ? Seems to me that win7 and
win8 not really user friendly and software bug. Because i am thinking
of upgrading my computer but wondering should change OS or not ? />Regards
Windows XP on SSD
possible ? Any side
Windows XP OEM and temporary motherboard replacement /> 
The current motherboard in the computer is starting
to give problem and I'm thinking of performing a temporary motherboard
replacement (the CPU and RAM will also be different). Hard disk will
still be the same.
My XP Home OS is original but OEM version
from shop in SLS.
What are the chances that I'll won't be able to
activate my XP Home OS on the temporarily repaired computer? If I'm
issued a new product key, what happens to the old one (the one tied to
the computer with old damaged motherboard)?
And when I later
change (from the temporary motherboard re
Windows XP auto lays out active windows for selection /> 
Windows XP auto lays out active windows for
Need help.
I usually work on Excel 2003 and
Internet Explorer 8 simultaneously.
Recently, when working,
Windows will auto lay out all my active Excel and IE windows into a 2
x 2 layout (if I have 4 windows open) and let me choose which window I
want to maximise.
It does so automatically and is quite
irritating as it disrupts whatever I am doing.
Anyone encountered
this before and how can I resolve this issue? Thanks!
Windows update problem (svchost.exe)
has problems updating Windows XP?
I tried doing a fresh install
of Win XP SP3 on a PC a few times (reformat HDD each time :s22:).
Every time the same problem repeats: when Windows update runs, no
updates will be found and svchost.exe will load one thread of the CPU
to the max :( .
If install Internet Explorer 8, the problem
stops only temporarily - Windows update works but after one or two
auto searches, downloads and installs of updates, the problem
Windows asking for credentials to login after installing new
I recently received my Crucial Tactical Ram
from Amazon and have installed it. However, the computer is now asking
for username and password to login and I have no idea what it is as I
have not set one for my computer. Does anyone knows how I can fix
Windows Keeps Minimizing
Hi all,
have this issue where my active window would constantly de-activate at
random times. What I mean by this is, the window I'm currently using
would act as though I have switched to another window on top of it. It
acts like there is a background program running that constantly comes
to the front, but I can't seem to find anything.
Let me give
examples to help illustrate my problem.
When typing this
message, I constantly had to re-click this window as there are times
when I can't type on it as it acts like a minimized window, but I
haven't clicked/done anything to it.
Windows installer service error 1719
all, I have been experiencing the windows installer service error 1719
for a few months now everytime i try to install a program. I cant even
properly update my windows 7 updates anymore. Each time i try
updating, almost all of the updates would show me "update
failed" when I restart. This is getting very frustrating. I have
googled and tried many suggested solutions such as using regedit from
error 1719 windows installer service could not be accessed .... -
Microsoft Community
Nothing has been working so far though.
However, I am suspecting that it might be due to me adding a new hard
Is the Windows empire in danger of collapsing? /> 
Yes I know, it sounds like another FUD title but I
just want to hear some views.
Now, I cannot remember where I read
it from, but some numbers that I picked up some time back claim that
marketshare for Windows (client) has fallen from over 90% to a low of
70%, while Windows Server has dropped so much it barely holds more
than 1% now. And while I do like Windows 8, virtually every single
'review' out there seems to be focusing their effort on bashing Metro
instead of bothering to learn HOW to use it, and many are claiming
that it will be yet another flop of ME's magnitude (for the record, ME

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