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window script host error
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Having this error message after starting up.
Windows 7 login with wifi selection?
Do anyone know any program that able to make windows 7
login with wifi selection?
I know windows 8 has new feature that
allows you to select wifi when windows login.
Win 2008 Standard R2 Product Activation
a volume product key to activate all 10 servers.
Due to servers
not connected to Internet gateway, do
I call Microsoft Toll free
hotline to activate the OSes on these servers? What document is
require for this process?
Win 2008 R2 Svr Question
I need
the forumer's expert opinion. I have enabled files/folders audit for
two folders (sales and accounts) in Win2008R2 with audit object
enabled. But all the logs are saved in Security event logs. Can I have
only the audit logs of those folders saved to separate files instead?
Can I save the "sales" folder audit logs to a file
(sales.evt or sales.log) and similarly the "accounts"
folder? Can this be done automatically without intervention?
Where Can I Buy Pspice and OrCAD?
Do they
sell Cadence Pspice and OrCAD software in Singapore? or by other
Where to buy MS Outlook 2010?
I'm using
Windows XP Service Pack 3, need to install Outlook to use with a
legacy software - software doesn't support Windows 7.
anyone knows where I can get MS Outlook 2010? Thank you very
what is the video editing software to create this rolling
what is the video editing software to
create this rolling video? wanted to do one silimiar />http://youtu.be/DlwlAIXsyKA
What software you use to convert AVI movies to put into
Thanks in advance.
What software to use for home business?
Recently started a home business selling stuff online. Was
wondering is there a software that allows us to easily record
purchases, costs, stock inventory, selling prices etc.?
than MS Excel?
What software to use for downloading from Metatube /> 
Hi guys,
Need to check what software to use
for downloading from Metatube?
Many thanks.

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