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What's new in Windows Server 2012 R2?
Want to know what are the new features of Windows
Server 2012 R2? New Horizons will be conducting a First Look clinic to
give you a FREE preview of the new features and enhancements of R2.

The clinic comprises of 3 main topics:
Managing AD DS,
Server & Storage in Windows Server 2012 R2Networking in Windows
Server 2012 R2Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 R2
Need to register
quick as spaces are super LIMITED!
Call New Horizons at 6822
8282 or email to info[at]newhorizons[dot]com[dot]sg to register! />Or PM me to secure your
Whats happening to old games
not sure if
this is the right place so correct me if im wrong
so,what is
happening to old games like
mirror's edge
batttlefield bad
company 1
far cry 1&2
fallout 3
Dawn of War />Fear 1
need for speed shift 1
Resident Evil 5
Row 2
The Saboteur
Tropico 3+4
i just cannot find them
on shelves anymore
What's the difference between OEM and retail anti-virus
Saw the Oem at $9 vs retail $25. />What's the differences ? Can be both be use in at com?
What to download after building rig
are the few things that's really important before starting the daily
usage?? Considering its a gaming com and not for work. What are the
things that i have to download? Etc. drivers, virus scans and what
What are the current best free web host around? /> 
Any advise anyone?
What is the best webhost to sign up for? /> 
Any advise anyone? Is it orynet?
wechat crashed
my wechat ver5.0
andriod crashed all of a sudden.
when I restarted app, I am
logged out of account.
I have my WechatID but the sim card it was
registered with is a foreign number that I used while working
overseas. Can't recover by SMS here.
Please advise on any other
way to recover account.
Or whom to contact in Tencent wechat as
they have not replied to my email enquiry.
I have quite a number
of contacts in Wechat that I cannot afford to lose
Website Display Problem
Can anyone using
Firefox tells me whether they can see the ad properly for this: Your
Weekly Savers? If you have problem viewing with Firefox, try using
Before the following problem with hattrick, I never thought
of a possible browser problem. I thought it was actually NTUC pages
having compatibility problems with Firefox. Anyone has a solution to
fix my main problem? Firefox keeps diverting me to
http://www.hattrick.org/undefined while IE does not.
Web Page not displayed
Been trying to
access this web page www.justlatte.com but realise of late it changes
to justlatte.sx instead. Since then, the page is always blank, tried
to flush DNS as suggested after did a google search but to no
happened to both Mac and Win 7. Please advise.
Webpage go black
Hi, i am using win7, fire
fox browser, on and off, whenever i open a webpage e.g. sg carmart,
and when i scroll down to view the page, the whole page will become a
black page except for some of the advertisement, anyone encounter this
problem? Is this a virus?

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