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Web browser (IE & FF) background error /> 
Hi there,
Helping out with a web browser
Notebook model Asus S46CM
Window 8
IE 10 />FF18
Problem. The background, link, icon that usually appear on
other notebook are not shown on the browser. It is like surfing on
HWZ, u dun see the black bar on top, the link "User CP",
"FAQ" etc. However, if you move the mouse cursor over those
link, the word will appear.
Tried to install the latest java
script but it does not help. The notebook is a new one and the problem
is there when we surf the internet for the f
a web browser...
...that is only good for
downloading other web browsers.
Internet Explorer flaw allows
Hackers to Track your Mouse - Hacker News , Security updates
style="margin:20px; margin-top:5px; ">
Microsoft has confirmed that
every version of Internet Explorer, from version 6 dating back to 2001
up to 10, released this year, is vulnerable.
Warning: IM Capture for Skype
I purchased
IM Capture for Skype and regret not downloading the trial version
first to make sure the damn thing actually WORKS. Let that be a
lesson to one and all!
First thing I notice after running IM
Capture was it said a newer version was available. The software is
not able to update automatically like others and their link brought me
back to their website where I had to download the new version. I
installed this new version but the prompt about a new version kept
popping up. Not a good start. Either the new version wasn
Vmware Virtual Memory
suppose a host
machine running 32bit OS (Win XP) is having 4GB RAM, what is the
maximum amount of RAM (including Virtual memory) we can allocate in
order to maximise the Virtual machine's (Win 7) performance? :o
VMware 5.0.1
Anybody using Vmware 5.0.1 to
run Win 7? any idea how to connect USB pen drive not?
I can't
seems to access my pen drive in my virtual machine while I can access
it in my host machine.
Some info: Host Machine running Win 7
home premium
VM running Win 7 as well.

USB port on machine all 3.0
USB pen
drive is 2.0
Video recording
I am going to attend a
webminar . Is there a freeware or software I can use to record
Videocard Driver Update
Just bought a new
graphic card called ATI Radeon 9600XT.
My PC config. is P4
running windows XP. The problem is when I wanted to update my graphic
card drivers, the following error occurs. So, should I ignore and
install it? Or should I use the old driver? I seek your expertise in
this area.
See the attached pic. />http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/...0/ativideo.jpg
Very laggy when minimizing and maximizing windows and dropped
framerate when playing video
Hi guys,
recently face a problem with my PC. It was fine a few days ago but
yesterday, I noticed a significantly slow startup. When the screen
reaches "starting windows", the windows logo will take very
long to appear, and it will appear bit by bit.
Then I noticed
that when I'm minimizing windows, it's laggy and stuttering. I'm not
running any intensive tasks. Video playback framerates are also poor,
it used to be smooth and nice but now the framerate has been reduced
to like half.
Funny thing is, when I switch
VCD to avi
anyone know of a freeware that
can convert VCD to avi for playing from harddisk?
Hi guys,
Is there a uTorrent
Can't find it anywhere on the net. Is it stable? />Thanks in advance.

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