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Are you Ready to run a Marathon?
For some
people, running a marathon is their ultimate life goal - just one
marathon at that. But it isn't simply about doing a little bit of
running and then going for a race.
Tackling a marathon requires
many long hours and months of time and commitment.
Are you ready
for that sacrifice?
There's this interesting article that sheds
more light into marathon running and can help you to gauge if you are
ready for the challenge.
Here's the link.
Are you Ready to
Run and Train for a Marathon | Prischew.com
Feel free to share
your views
Are you for or against?
Nokia Finnish
investors considering gathering signatures to get CEO Elop sacked />Elop ... let the ousting begin ...
Me? Hopeful for a good WP8
from Nokia, but I think definitely not under Elop's leadership. So I
am FOR Elop to be ousted.
Bring back Meego and Symbian also pls
Anyone here likes yoga? Share with us
which yoga poses you like most and why you took up yoga! Inspired to
keep fit? Peer influence? Keen interest? :s13:
yishun badminton
$7 social game today if
you keen. Can bring a friend also. ;) Enter using block 238
Yang style Taiji boxing seminar by Guo Shilei shifu(July-August
Hi all,there's an upcoming Yang style
Taiji seminar by shifu Guo Shilei,to be conducted in Singapore
tentatively on 28th,29th July,1st,4th,5th August. For weekends it
shall be 2-5pm and 7-10pm time slot,while for the weekday, 7-10pm.
Location is scheduled at Kampong Glam CC.
The modules,detailed
syllabus outline, and the pricings are as stated on the official
https://sites.google.com/site/baguam...singapore-2012 />Any inquiry,you may contact via the e-mail on the website,or just
ask me here.:-)
yahoo weather iOS on browser
interested to hack around and replicate yahoo weather on iOS on a
desktop/mobile browser?
i lack the discipline to keep everything
progressing, but this is where i'm at:
Yahoo Weather (iOS) on
I'm using google app engine python, flickr & weather
underground api, the rest are basically css & js
Xiaomi User group 2014
Not sure what's the
response will be. But there are users out there and i know the phones
when available are snapped up quickly. Plus it's coming to sg.
few issues...and tweaks as the software is not quite fully 'googled'.
So some sharing here might help us all.
Xiaomi Redmi accessories and cases
Redmi @ $169 without contract
The budget 3G
handset features a quad-core MediaTek MT6589T 1.5GHz processor and
sports a 4.7-inch 720p IPS display. Other specs include an 8-megapixel
rear camera and a 2,000mAh battery.
Let showcase the beautiful
side of Redmi
Xiaomi Mi3, no need queue to buy in China /> 
Surprised to see that from the following website,
there is no need to queue to buy 64GB of Xiaomi Mi3, WCDMA version
available, with all the accessories.
No need to wait for it to be
launched in Singapore.
Only delivery in China though, so if you
have friends coming to Singapore from China, and send to their house,
and bring over.
XiaoMi and iOcean Phones
Hey guys, anybody
has a good review on these phones? Unfortunately they're only
available in China, but I have a couple of friends that are willing to
purchase for me if I asked. If anybody thinks these phones are good or
have more info do post it up, or if you are interested in buying, just
lemme know too, can get my friends to help buy them in.

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