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My mother and I were panicked when we found out our timeshare was
not what we thought it was after all papers were signed. I found
Mexican Timeshare Solutions online and had high hopes that we could
cancel our contract. I was pleased to hear Mexican Timeshare did not
want money to start off with, because we had already lost so much
money. Carlos and Jennifer were always available to answer questions
and listen. I trusted Carlos, and he restored my faith in Mexican
culture and visiting there one day again. Thank You Mexican Timeshare

Prior to seeking cancellation of my Villa Group timeshare I tried
to sell it, rent it, and even give it away for free.  I fell
victim to a resale scam ($1500) for a guarantee to sell the share at a
profit within 6 months.  The offer was fake but I did get a full
refund with the help of my credit card company.  Offering the
share for free provided no takers either.


to rid myself of it I found Mexican Timeshare Solution to be the only
company that didn't charge an upfront fee.  There may be others
now.  I was unable to find any conclusive info about them
online.  But there were no negative reports so I decided to give
them a try.


I signed the contract in sept of
2013.  They attempted to recover part of my purchase cost for a
15% fee of the recovered amount.  This was not successful. 
I was a bit disappointed but not surprised as my main expectation had
been to cancel the timeshare and avoid paying in excess of $17,000 to
$21,000 or more in maintenance fees over the next 26 years.  The
process took about 5 months but my timeshare contract is
cancelled.  I did verify the cancellation directly with the
resort before submitting payment to Mexican Timeshare Solutions. 
They didn't pressure me to pay them until I was fully


Therefore I recommend Mexican
TtimeshareSolutions to others facing the same predicament.
New York City NY, Jay Ben Images and Jay Ben Adlersberg,
photographer, are pleased to announce that his travel book "Ireland in
Word and Image" has been selected as a participant in the New York
Union League Club Book fair scheduled for December. The href="http://www.jaybenimages.com/" title="" target="">NY Travel
Photographer was one of only forty authors to receive this honor.
The selection process is done by the Club and doesn't involve lobbying
for the honor.

Although this is not the first
renowned recognition of the book written and photographed by
Adlersberg, it is still one which has generated a lot of excitement
from both the photographer and his fans. He states that he is looking
forward to his appearance at the Book Fair and meeting with visitors

The Christmas Book Fair is an annual
event of the New York Union Club. The Club is an exclusive private
organization which is the oldest in New York City. It is also the
third oldest such organization in the United States. Its Christmas
Book Fair draws visitors from around the area, who are looking for the
perfect holiday gift.

Ireland in Word and
Image is a volume which is perfect as a coffee table book. It also
works as an attractive representation of photographic images. The
pictures include landscape, people, objects and animals, all woven
together with the explanatory words. The combination of words and
images are a powerful portrayal of the Irish experience as seen
through the eyes of Jay Adlersberg,

Learn more about the Christmas
Book Fair selection of Jay Ben Adlersberg's volume by visiting the web
pages at target="">http://www.jaybenimages.com/ today. Members of the press
and individuals who have additional questions about the contents of
this press notice are urged to contact the photographer at the
location provided below.

Contact Person Name:
Jay Ben Adlersberg
Company Name: Jay Ben
Address: 220 East 69th Street, New York NY
Contact Telephone Number: (212) 876-1886 (D and E);
(917) 622-4400 (M)
Hello there , here is my experience.We were at Pueblo Bonito
Sunset Beach for several hours listening to their sales pitch. We were
initially not interested. However, their salesman, Omar Alvarez, told
us that if we don’t use our week, then the company would rent out
our timeshare week to help pay for the cost at $3200 per year. He
spoke to his manager and they promised to rent it out so that we could
make money at the end of five years. He convinced us that it would be
a worthwhile investment. The next day we tried contacting Omar about
the promised rental income but he did not respond. After researching
the Internet, we discovered that same false promises were made to
others. We were outraged at this common fraudulent practice to making
a sale. We then contacted Mexican Timeshare Solutions and received
counsel from Roberto Guzman. Since we were within 5 days rescission
period, Mr. Guzman was able to help us cancel the contract and get the
entire deposit refunded within a month. We are grateful to have the
Mexican Timeshare Solutions team in our corner.So just stay away from
timeshare business and good luck.

Zurich>Munich>Prague>Vienna>Budapest /> 
Hi All,
I will be travelling to the above
countries in August...
Was planning to do a F&E trip but
having some difficulties with planning the transportation.
out that Eurail has this 5-country pass that allows us to travel to
the 5 places within a stipulated time period.
Can anyone advise
me the following:
1: Will the Eurail pass allow us to travel
within the country itself or just for the major stopovers stations? />2: We are planning to spend a week in Switzerland itself. We see a
different pass being used there-Swissrai
Zurich Lucerne Zermatt
For free and easy in
switzerland 8 days in feb.
Is it easy to travel around zurich,
lucerne and zermatt by staying only in 1 place? and easy to access via
transport like train? if not meaning i would need to shift a few
Any good and reasonable priced hotel/motel to
zurich - any good and cheap hotels?
Will be
heading to Zurich as part of our Europe F&E. any recommendations
for a good and reasonably cheap hotel?
Zuo Ying to Kenting
Hello, I would like to
go to Kenting from Zuo Ying.
Anyone know they price for taxi or
any commend?
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