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Mythbuntu control center broken
Hi all
Hoping someone can help, I have a system running mythbuntu 14.04 and the control center seems to be broken. I'm wanting to add a front end to the system so I need to enable master backend role. But when i try, I'm able to change it to enabled then I hit apply and it asks for my password, I give it but then I get an error message "Exception in applystate of GUI of plagin plag

[UbuntuGnome] Broadcom 4311 with Hardware switch
Hello. New installation of Gnomebuntu 15.10 with updates carried out. Broadcom wireless does not work although the laptop recognizes when I toggle the hardware switch, an air plane icon pops up in the tray. Been through the forums for a couple of days now trying to fix it. Time to ask for help. Find below, the output of your script for network related information. Thank you for your work

Using an older piece of software as well as all older necessary dependancies?
I decided to update to 15.10 from 14.04 thinking that an absolutely essential piece of software that I use, would be compatible, but it turns out the last release it supports is 14.10. I've had a go at installing the deb, but to no avail as the dependancies it needs are older than the ones installed. Is there some way to sandbox the an environment where this might work?

Add Attachments Problem
Hello. This has been going on for some time now and I can't figure out why I keep getting logged out everytime I try to use the add attachments popup to upload and insert images into posts. Quick reply works alright providing I don't click it more than once, but when I switch to advanced reply to add an image to the post when I click the upload button for the images the forum logs me out of m

[ubuntu] synaptic quick search problem
This has been an ongoing frustrating problem since 15.04. Synaptic's quick filter takes forever to rebuild search index and once "rebuilt", search for a package I know is in the repo (say vlc) may still return nothing. Sometimes may have to restart synaptic and reload again to search for the searched package to show up. Changing server has no effect.

I have started two

viewing Facebook embedded videos in in Firefox on 12.04 requires updated libavcodec
My wife views Facebook with Firefox on an Ubuntu 12.04 system. Recently, the audio of embedded videos started coming out as static. This doesn't happen on a 14.04 system that I have. I used strace on the firefox process and found that it attempted to load in order libavcodec56, libavcodec55, libavcodec54, libavcodec53 to process the video. Ubuntu 14.04 has libavcodec54 but 12.04 only has

Lenovo Yoga 900 - Touchscreen & Touchpad not working
Hi, I am new to Ubuntu (and Linux pretty much) I bought a Lenovo Yoga 900 for a new laptop, but when I saw how ugly everything looked on Windows 10, I decided I should just move to Ubuntu. Right now, I am using Ubuntu Gnome 15.10. What is working is the Wireless Connectivity, Webcam, Keyboard, USB Ports, though the only things that are not working is the touchscreen and touchpad! I looked at

Can't create folders or paste files with Nautilus, but terminal is OK
With Nautilus, for many folders I can't create folders inside and I can paste files inside, but using terminal (no sudo or gksudo or su to root -- just as myself) it works OK. I am trying to move all folders and files out of one folder and into a different one. The "cut" is available. But in my destination folder I can't create new folders and "paste is not available. I can

What happened to the preferences menu???
I used to be able to change the appearance of everything from highlighting to how transparent my terminal was. Now there's just theme and icon size. Ubuntu tweak doesn't do either of those.

Mythbackend crashes on clean mythbuntu 14.04 install
Recently had a drive crash in my MythTV server - been running mythbuntu 14.04 for some time. So I got a new drive and did a clean install (frontend and backend on the same machine), and now mythbackend is constantly crashing. It will crash whenever I try to schedule a recording via mythweb, and nothing will record. If I try to schedule recordings it appears to simply ignore the request (nothi

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