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rsync initial sync

I'm new to rsync. I have a Linux machine with an external harddrive (ext3) and a Windows machine with an NTFS external harddrive. I connected the NTFS harddrive to the Linux machine and did a mirror copy from the ext3 drive. After, I copied some new files to the ext3 drive and then I connected the NTFS back to the Windows machine and from cygwin ran:

rsync -Pratluvz user@linu

Where can I find firefox log file on Centos 6?

Where can I find firefox log file on Centos 6?

Unfortunately, firefox doesn't write its log in /var/log/message .

Using IPTables to block all connections but still be able to backup vServer

my vServer / webserver (OS: Debian squeeze) got hacked and compromised. Therefore I want to use rules in IPTable to block all input and output connections except ssh. Afterwards I want to backup at least some databases and files, which should be save. I found some tutorials and scripts describing the workflow, but I still have questions:

1.) Sine I have no physical access to the server,

error with Transconding with ffmpeg activated by inotify

I’m trying to automatically transcode videos with are begin uploaded constantly to a server.

That's why I have came up with the idea of using inotify by checking every moment for new files on the videos folder, by using this shell script:


inotifywait --monitor -e moved_to -e create /usr/local/share/downloads |
while read dir;

Jerry Thomas Allens' big-f¥¢€ up!

I loaded UBUNTU onto a shrunken partition on my laptop running Win 7 Pro. I didn't let it finish downloading all its updates/downloads during installation. I ran Ubuntu and it didn't work right but it did load. I thought I could delete the partition and start over by reinstalling Ubuntu. I booted into windows and deleted the partition with Ubuntu on it intending to reinstall it right then I had

Syncing an iPod classic with Rhythmbox, but it is read-only

I have an old iPod classic (2006 model, I believe) and I recently built my own computer, thus transitioning away from my old iMac and moving onto my own Fedora 21 desktop.

Despite my negative opinion about Apple, I still believe that the iPod classic was one of their best creations, and I was wanting to make it sync music between my Fedora desktop and the iPod. However, it seems that Rh

Match key from File1 and File2 and send output to File 3 in either case and to File 4 in No match case in a specific format

File 1:

01  08                                                 
2014-12-08                      04  5000
01  01  **90488305**    00000   001 2014-12-04  01:21:28    **2014-12-08** 
            04  001 04  **5000**    
02  01  90488305    00000   001 00001   0020130 8411    5856853820026      
                00000   00      
03  01  90488305    00000   001 0000

My script is reported as executing at the CRON log, but it is not listed at any user's crontab

This is the CRON log case computer that runs some scripts (internet-connections oriented):

luis@Fostrot:~$ sudo tail -n 50 /var/log/syslog | grep "cron" -i
Jan 19 21:30:01 Fostrot /USR/SBIN/CRON[11014]: (root) CMD (/bin/bash
--login -i -c Reconectador3G.sh)
Jan 19 21:30:01 Fostrot /USR/SBIN/CRON[11013]: (root) CMD (/bin/bash
--login -i -c ReportarIP.sh)
Jan 19 2

How to find path where jdk installed?

I'm a newbie to Linux so please forgive me for asking such stupid question!

I'd installed jdk1.7.0.rpm package in RHEL6.
Where I do find the path and to execute my first java program?

Disable Cinnamon volume applet's sound when changing volume

I recently updated my Linux Mint Debian Edition to update pack 7. Since then, every time I change the volume by scrolling on the volume applet that is on my panel, an annoying beep is played. Similar to the behavior of OSX when changing volume.

I have never understood the point of this, it means I cannot change volume silently and it is extremely annoying. I have checked Cinnamon's sou

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