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I'm trying to zoom in on a Picturebox when scrolling the
mousewheel, the code below zooms in on the image only to the center of
the image, not at the current cursor position. How would I fix

PictureBox1.Size = New
System.Drawing.Size(PictureBox1.Width + e.Delta / 1,
PictureBox1.Height + e.Delta / 1)PictureBox1.Location = New
Point(Control.MousePosition.X - PictureBox1.Width / 2,
Control.MousePosition.Y - PictureBox1.Height / 2)

Hi this is sunny,
i have a form with 5 text boxes and 5
now i want to zoom in and zoom out the form. />actually i have no idea.
please tell me the solutions.

Hi everybody,
I'd like to know if there is a way to zoom a
page in the webkitbrowser control in vb net.
Thanks in

Hi friends,
New one here...:) and new in vb.NET also

have started building a application which will display some data from
access and plot the graph of them..
I have plotted it on one
form, but i need zoom that graph runtime if user wants so..I am
planning to create a splashscreen where i can show chart object in bit
large view..but i dont know how to pass a object from one from to
other ..:S
I have a doubt that :-/ do i need to recreat chart on
splashscreen? or there is any method where i can call the graph from
main form to my new form( splashscreen)?
Any clue would be
Thanks in Advance

how can i zoom an image inside a picturebox? and i also want to
know how can i make a picture inside the picturebox draggable while at
the same time, it can be zoomed in and out.

my goal is to crop
an image inside the picturebox and i can zoom and drag the image
inside if necessary, thanks :)

Hello everybody!
I’m trying to create a program in which
the user has the ability to move the image with mouse click and
ability to zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse wheel. If the user
wants to return to the original image size and position, it will be
possible with a click of a button.
I was able to do everything
said above for the exception that after the user clicks on the reset
button and zooms again, the previous size of the image is shown with
the position where it was before the reset button was pressed. />How would it be possible to fix this without recoding the whole
And also can you tell me how to make the image to zoom in
to center of the

I am developing a form that calculates a Business Travel Expense
for a business trip. Everything is fine and dandy but I have to
display the information in a listbox using zone ouput. There is
nothing in my book about zone output...the teacher provided us with

Dim fmtStr As String = "{0, -18}{1, 10}"

1stResult.Items.Add ( String.Format ( fmtStr, "Price/Book:",
FormatCurrency(unitPrice, 2)))

If I understand correctly the
first line is simply setting up columns to display the information
however I have no idea what the second line is doing and how to
implement it into my program to make my output correct.

output of my program should be:

I'm having difficulty writing a program that would accept an input
for your birthday (month, year) and tell you your zodiac sign. I
having difficulty with the syntax in VB.Net because our instructor
assinged us a language to create our case study and he gave VB.Net to
me... I have to study the language from scratch... I can't seem to
find ebooks on the net...

Another case study i'm having
difficulty with is how to write a program (using for loops) that would
output the following:


Thanks in advance
for any help!

Hello friends!
I want to make a application that uploads a
whole folder, but I can't because I don't know how to upload a folder
in VB.NET.
I want to be able to make my application to zip the
folder, then when it needs to get the file again, it can download the
zip file and unzip it. Also a zip files would use less space on my FTP
Thanks. :)

I am looking for a tool that will accept an address from the user
and return a 9 digit zipcode as well as validate the address or
suggest an address, like on fexed or ups website. Its got to work with
vb.net and asp.net
Is there a tool like this available? any

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