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I am using ASP.Net with vb.net(code behined) now i using
for Zettacube third party software for docking. Before this time i
can`t use this controls now only use so i don`t know how to use
this..? Anybody know reply me...


hi everyone

i have a curve which has distance along x axis
and some parameter value along y axis

i have calculated the
distance for x axis from longitude and latitude i want to display the
latitude longitude as x axis labels but the original xaxis parameter
is distance which is added to the list(zedgraph list) is not shown

i have achieved it by using
mypane . xaxis . scale . type =
type . text

mypane . xaxis . labels = longitude ( which is
string array)

this fits exactly well for one curve .

the problem for me is i have another curve which starts at some other
distance say 3000 meters

so the list also has the x value which


i have a plotted a graph in zedgraph and i had a problem
that the line was stopped in the middle and not completely drawn. I
have thought that i have not completed the zed graph point pair list.
But when i checked it programatically it was completed and when i
right click on the screen and enable show point pair values im able to
see the point pair list upto the end please any one help me with this

please check the image link below




I get the bar as the picture below. But the value for each bar
display is too crowded. So can i know how to change the vertical
values(each stack bar) into horizontal value.Thanks.Below is my

src='http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/8098/58407423.jpg' border='0'
alt='Image Hosted by

class="language-vb">myPane.BarSettings.Type = BarType.Stack
myPane.XAxis.Type = AxisType.Text myPane.XAxis.Scale.TextLabels
= xaxis myPane.BarSettings.Base = BarBase.X
BarItem.CreateBarLabels(myPane, True, "f2", "Tohoma", 6, Color.Bla

Recently I've used zedgraph barchart to create a chart with 12
bars. I did want to put each bar on an x-axis scale and change the
label name of that scale, but I did not success. Could you please show
me the way the put my bars inside the scales?

I want to make a graphic of certain data in my program. The problem
is that the zedgraph doesn't zoom out to see the dots or lines in the
graphic. This is my code:

llenar_graph(ByVal zgc As ZedGraphControl) Dim myPane As
GraphPane = zgc.GraphPane myPane.Title.Text = "Algoritmo
Genético" myPane.XAxis.Title.Text = "Generación"
myPane.YAxis.Title.Text = "Fx" Dim list1 As New
PointPairList() For i = 0 To ngen list1.Add(i,
promediofx(i)) Next i Dim myCurve As LineItem =
myPane.AddCurve("Mejor individuo", _ list1, Color.Red,
SymbolType.Default) myCurve.Li


I need help with YouTube MP3 Downloader in VB.NET if
anyone can send me source, I'll be very thankful!

Thanks in

I have this error
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check
the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right
syntax to use near
and I don't know how does this happen because
whenever I check the SQL that I have made including the inserted data,
it shows no error..

How does this happen..



Ok, after I posted my last result, it came to my attention that I
did the wrong assignment. Now I am really in need of help. THis is
also a double arry assignment and I need help from anyone
asap..please..The instructions are as follow:

I am to make
modifications to the code below. The instruction further states that
when the user clicks the Get Temperatures button, the button's Click
event procedure should prompt the user to enter the highest and lowest
temperatures for seven days. Store the temperatures in a seven-row,
two-column Integer array. The first column should contain the highest
temp, and the second column should contain the lowest temp. When the
user clicks the Display


I have a question about converting text file elements
to arrays in VB. I am generally not a .Net programmer, and have really
basic question about parsing array elements in VB.

I have a
text file that is formatted as the following...

"Item1","Item2","Item3" />"LineItem1","LineItem2","LineItem3"

What I would like to do
is open this file and add the Items into an array element so that the
array is formatted as a String Array

itemArray(0)= Item1 />itemArray(1)= Item2
itemArray(2)= LineItem1
... and so on...

I have used some coding
examples that I found earlier...