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This is as much of a Math question as it is a Programming issue,
but I thought I'd put it out there.

I want to map X,Y,Z (or
Width,Depth,Altitude) to isometric, civil-engineering type 120 degree
view. That's the graph paper with triangles instead of squares; I
think there could be a trig conversion or maybe a GDI+ matrix
transform that would work, but I can't wrap my brain around it. I'd
appreciate any help with this challenge.

Hi guys I have made an advanced vb webbrowser and I'm hoping for
you comments its in beta stage do you have any

features I didn't list:

1. Non ie
based webkit based
2. supports file downloads.
3. User Login
based supports multiple user data configurations
4. Supports
5. Has browsing filter
6. Has lock function to
protect the page your working on.
7. Has text
editor,calculator,Tic Tac Toe
8. Supports process starting

video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItKHmTRteoY

I cannot find the xsl debug option in the xml option within VS 2008
express edition. Is it not available. What should we do to get that

Hi guys !

A little something i hope you could help me with

I've converted an html to XML and now i want to get all the
child nodes nested
within a DIV element with a specific attribute

Because the html that the XML is based on
changes from time to time i want to use a more "safe" relative
(something like : "//div[@class='itemInfo']").

Problem is that i always get 0 nodes ...
I'm sure that
something is wrong with my Xpath syntax, just don't know what it

Here is my code, please, any help would be appreciated.

Dim doc As New System.Xml.XmlDocument()

Hello to all !

Sorry in advance for the long post.

I'm trying to get the value of a specific <div> from an
This div has a class attribute of "itemPrice6", but problem
is that this class appears few more times for other <div>s in
which i'm not interested in.

Best thing for me is if i am able
to access the needed <div> using something like XPATH so i can
target only those i need.

I've been trying anything i could
think of this past week but nothing seems to work. I'm an amateur
programmer, so i might be making an obvious mistake...


Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender
As System.Ob

How can I trigger my "save" event when a user clicks the 'X' on the
control box? I have code written for saving all of the information,
but I don't know how to modify the control box features other than
declaring it true or false.

Hi Guys,
I am currently working on a vb project. What I am
trying to do is reading a XML file and saving all the data in to the
Access DB. Once this is done, I read the data from the access Db and
display it in the required fields in VB form.

Issue is, when i
store the value in the access, a weird character is assigned before
and after the data. The character is a square box with question mark
in it. Also the same character displays on the VB form as well

Please help me how can I remove these characters in VB.
I am
using XML reader to read xml file and using VB 2008 version.

Thank you so much


Hi All

I am trying to convert xml file to a text file. But
my program creates an empty text file and does not copy any text from
the xml file. Please help


My code:

Dim Doc
As New XmlDocument
Dim NodeList As XmlNodeList

NodeList =
Dim sw As New
StreamWriter("C:TempMyXmlContents.txt", False)

For Each Node As
XmlNode In NodeList
For i As Integer = 0 To Node.ChildNodes.Count
- 1
With Node.ChildNodes.Item(i)
sw.WriteLine(.Name & ":
" & .InnerText)
End With


Hi, I'm creating a simple project for xml serialization in the
reference of Microsoft press MCTS .net 2.0 by Tony Northup. ok In this
application I create a Class Shopping Cart That has 4 public members
and a parameterless constructor because it mentioned that private and
protected members are skipped during serialization. (is it true). and
how can i put instance of the class in main method because the class
contains parameterless constructor. i'll will show the example

Public Class ShoppingCartItem
Public item As Integer Public Price As Double
Public Rate As Integer Public total As Double Public Sub

Hello all! Hopefully there is someone out there who can help me
with what I need to achieve.

Goal: Loop through XML file,
reading node by node searching for a node with a specific attribute
with a specific value, then write to another attribute of said node

I feel that isn't as clear as it could be, so hopefully
further reading will clarify.


class="language-vb"><root> <level id="1">
<prop n="LookVertSpeed_Pad" v="120.0"/> <prop
n="LookHorzSpeed_Pad" v="260.0"/> <prop
n="LookVertAcc_Pad" v="2500.0"/> <prop
n="LookHorzAcc_Pad" v="2500.0"/> <prop n="LookVertD

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